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What Are the Usages of Paper Bags?

  • source:paper bag factory
  • Time:08/14/2018

Gift paper bags are used in various gift companies and gift factories. Their use is also very extensive. They can be used to hold a variety of gifts and presents in many industries, such as cosmetics, clothes, flowers, food and so on. The area can also cover a wide range of products. It can be used by people around the world. It is a kind of product used for birthdays and weddings to hold festive gifts and items. Mostly used for shopping.

Custom cosmetic paper bag

Custom cosmetic paper bag

Usually, the paper bag is made of 190- 350gsm art paper with lamination outside. And for cosmetic box packaging, most importantly, the bag should be the bear heavy duty and the handle should be solid enough when carrying. Take this black paper bag for example. It is used for cosmetic products packaging, so we suggest the materials to use at least 250-300gsm art paper. And based on its large size, we suggest the client make the same print design on both sides in order to save cost. Or it will need to print two times for large sizes. About the gold foil logo, it should be shiny enough to make the brand outstanding and should be matched with the packaging design of your cosmetic boxes.

Personalized paper bag for flower packaging

flower paper bags

For flower packaging, the most important thing is the bag design should be pure and fresh. And the paper should make lamination so it can be water-proof. It is worth noting that the handle of the paper bag should be long enough for convenient carrying.

Clothing shopping paper bag

Clothing shopping paper bag

There is no doubt that the most used and common seemed in our daily life is the shopping bags for clothing. They have different sizes and designs based on the fashion elements of the market or the company’s brand image.

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional paper bags factory who customized in each design of gift bags in different sizes and industries. The paper material selection is various from normal art paper, kraft paper to texture fancy paper. What’s more, we are a custom gift box supplier. So if you have any paper bags demand, give us your idea, we will make it true.

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