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Three important tips when creating your jewelry packaging box

  • source:Jewelry Gift Box Supplier
  • Time:05/31/2018

With the prosperity and development of economy and design, the demand for jewelry is no longer only on the level of keeping value, but gradually increasing the requirements for the overall design, quality and experience of the brand. Because the value space of jewelry design is relatively large, designers will focus on jewelry design, but at this time the area of jewelry packaging box design appears to be a little lonely. Raymon, the chief design director of the famous brand design company, once said, "excellent jewelry design can bring more surprises to the market if it can be presented together with a good jewelry gift box in front of the consumer."


At present, the jewelry packaging industry has formed a preliminary scale, but the varieties are monotonous and lack of new ideas. Some packaging is still suspected of being crude. Although some new materials, such as resin, P V C, P U leather, and all kinds of new paper are used in the design of jewelry gift packaging, most of the design styles remain in the small box stage of more than ten years ago, and the structure and function have not been changed. So in order to make your jewelry brand more outstanding, what should you keep in mind when customize your jewelry packaging boxes? Here are some important tips for your reference.

jewelry packaging box

A professional or creative jewelry gift box manufacturer can provide you the best service from designing to shipment.You no need to worry about printing quality or box quality.They will take care of everything for you. And if you are new for this industry, they will give good suggestions for you based on their years of experience.What you need to do is testing the new market with new box,but turns to be a good idea.


  • 2.Consider the problem of good sale storage and display

Consumers' demand for packaging has been raised to the level of emotional demand. Undesirable packaging can only experience a short and short life. From a jewelry store to home, it is immediately discarded or forgotten in a corner of a certain ash. For jewelers, the discarding of brand self packaging is the opportunity to miss a follow-up service, and consumers will eventually remember the jewelry itself and forget the cultural information of the brand. For consumers, the dissatisfaction with the jewelry box may spread to the jewelry brand. After all, the jewelry store still needs the right place and can only buy better packaging. Such a mess, the original packaging become garbage, resulting in waste, or even pollution, consumers need to spend money to buy a not necessarily the best packaging. If the jeweler considers the problem of after sale and storage before the sale, design the jewelry packaging that conforms to the cultural atmosphere and visual features of the brand ahead, thus can avoid the waste and trouble.


  • 3.Strengthen the brand image and enhance the overall sense of the product


Drawing on other gift packaging boxes experience, in order to strengthen the brand image and enhance consumers' visual identity and memory of a certain brand, graphic design elements such as logos, graphics, and texts should be fully utilized. Jewellery box packaging is subject to size, material, and process limitations in the presentation of planar features. For example, the performance of the ring box is too small; some materials have to be changed to foil stamping or embroidery because of poor printing results. Because of this, many jewellery packaging boxes are very weak in the processing of plane elements, resulting in the brand image can not be clearly reflected. Therefore, for the jewellery box, it is necessary to solve the relationship between the plane elements, but also to handle the direct contradiction between the plane elements and the material and process.

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