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The structure and benefit of collapsible paper box

  • source:Collapsible Paper Box
  • Time:05/08/2018

We are a paper gift boxes factory specialized in customizing gift packaging for more than 18 years. So talking about the paper rigid boxes, we are more professional. Today’s article we will tell you some basic knowledge of one rigid gift box style,called collapsible paper box.


The structure of collapsible rigid box

Usually the this rigid box is made up by three basic cardboard pieces.One is the main collapsible piece, and the other two are ear pieces. The main piece is cut into five parts without cut through,so they can be glued as a whole piece. With the help of the two ear pieces, they can be assemble into a collapsible paper box shape but still can be unfolded.




What we should bear in mind is about the glue in each angle.Some clients thought they are the necessary part of a folding gift box,so they will not mention if they need glue or not when asking a quote.For a professional sale,he or she will ask this question before offer the price,just as we do. But here I want to say, the glue need or not is requested by clients not the custom paper gift box factory. So in order not to make such mistake, it is better for you to know about the tip before your deciding to make your custom collapsible packaging.


Talking about the folding box closure,we must not forget about the magnet used on the flip.Even they are very small inside the box, but they play a very important role when making a magnetic gift box. The magnets must be strong enough,or the flap can not closed tightly. We always use the best magnets,so the cost will be a little higher, but the quality is worth than that. Based on the sizes requested by clients, we will recommend different diameter magnets to making the boxes, and also recommend them to use just one set magnets or two sets.


The benefit of folding gift box

Unlike the normal rigid box styles which can not be folded,the collapsible paper box is also called flat shipping box because of the flat storage and shipping.Even it is a little more expensive than other gift boxes, but it can save a lot of shipping cost.



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