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The Role of Creative Box Positioning in the Design of Rigid Paper Box

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:06/12/2018

Guangzhou huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd.---a gift boxes manufacturer in Guangzhou thinks that the creative positioning of hardcover paper boxes occupies an extremely important position in the entire operation process of hardcover box design. The creative components of box design are mainly reflected in the design of strategic ideas. Rigid box creative positioning is a strategy with strategic vision,it has the characteristics of forward-looking, purposeful, targeted, utilitarian, of course, it also has limitations. The success of creative positioning of gift boxes is the core and most essential factor in the design of hardcover boxes.


Today we will share some direct expression technique creative positioning from the creative packaging of rigid hardcover box from our experience.




1.Good performance techniques and expressions are the vitality of design. Regardless of how they behave, they must express some characteristics of content and performance.Direct performance means that the focus of performance is on the content itself,including the its appearance or usage and so on. The most common method is to use photographic images or open windows to express.


2.In addition to objective direct performance, there are some of the following direct representations that use ancillary methods:

A.Comparison: This is a form of transformation that sets off, and it can be called contrast, that is, set off from the opposite side to make the subject get stronger expression in contrast. The contrasting part can be abstract or abstract. In the direct performance, it is also possible to use the method of changing the image of the subject to make its main features more prominent, and induction and exaggeration are more commonly used methods..

C.Set off: This is one of the auxiliary methods that can give the subject more full performance. The image of the set can be concrete or abstract, and care should be taken not to distract from the master.


D.Close-up: This is a big deal, with a partial expression of the overall treatment, so that the characteristics of the subject get more concentrated performance. The design should pay attention to the locality taken.


The above is a direct expression of the design of the packaging box, the clever use of these techniques of expression, what is the difficulty of creating an attractive gift box?


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