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What factors that impact on the price of custom packaging boxes?

  • source:custom packaging boxes manufacturer
  • Time:03/21/2023

Custom packaging boxes have come a long way from being just containers for products. Today, they serve as powerful marketing tools that help businesses promote their brand and enhance customer experience. However, designing and manufacturing custom packaging boxes can be a complex process, with several factors influencing their final price. In this article, we will discuss the various factors that affect the pricing of custom packaging boxes.


Size and Shape of the Box


The size and shape of the custom packaging box are significant factors that determine its price. Custom-made boxes require specific measurements and may take up more resources and time to design and produce. As a result, the larger and unique the box shape and size, the higher the price. If a standard box size is chosen, it may lead to reduced material wastage and production time, hence lowering the price.Not all manufacturers can make special-shaped boxes and offer a competitive price. But Huaisheng Packaging can do it, we have rich experience and customer cases in making special-shaped boxes


custom candle box


Type of Material Used


The material used to make custom packaging boxes is also a crucial factor in determining their cost. Material choices affect the physical properties of the box, such as its strength, durability, and texture. If the box needs to be sturdy and resilient to withstand handling during shipping, then the material will need to be thicker and more robust, increasing its price. High-quality materials, such as sustainable options or premium finishes like velvet, have a higher price point than standard cardboard or Kraft materials. The price of raw materials fluctuates with market changes. The price of your first order may be inconsistent with the price of your second order. Part of the reason is that the price of raw materials has changed.


Printing and Design Options


Printing and design features such as colors, graphics, and finishes can also affect the final price of custom packaging boxes. The more intricate the design, the higher the cost of production. Custom printing can add significant value to a product, but it comes at a price. Techniques like foil stamping or embossing are more expensive than basic printing techniques like flexography or lithography. Additionally, advanced design features such as custom die-cutting add value to the box but also lead to higher prices.


healthcare product packaging boxes


Quantity Ordered


The production quantity of custom packaging boxes can affect their price, especially in mass production. Like many industries, the more boxes ordered, the greater the manufacturing economies of scale achieved. It means that manufacturing costs are lower in proportion to the number of boxes produced, and the price per box may be reduced.


The Complexity of the Production Process


Custom packaging boxes with advanced features like inserts, dividers, and other partitioning are more intricate to design and produce. As a result, they require more complex production processes, leading to higher costs.


Delivery Costs


Transportation costs should also be considered when pricing custom packaging boxes. The cost of transporting boxes depends on the size of the order, transportation distance, and type of transport. The longer the distance and the more boxes transported, the higher the cost.




Taxes also affet the price of custom packaging boxes. Governments impose taxes, such as sales taxes or duties, which are added to the cost of production. The taxes vary depending on the location or destination of the boxes.


foldable boxes for wine


Additional Features or Services


Finally, additional features or services requested by the customer, such as assembly, labeling, and barcoding, can increase the price of custom packaging boxes. Such features add extra value to the boxes and enhance their usability but require additional resources to produce.




Creating custom packaging boxes don’t have standard price, and it is a multipronged process, with several factors influencing the final product's cost. The price is determined by several factors, including size and shape, type of material, printing and design options, quantity ordered, production complexity, delivery, taxes, and additional features. We recommend obtaining quotes from our professional boxes consultant to assess prices and benefits achieved from each option. Understanding these factors will help businesses to make informed decisions about custom packaging solutions within the confines of their budget.

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