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Where to find flower gift box supplier?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:09/04/2018

Nowadays, more and more flowers are presented in the form of express delivery. The flower gift boxes are more convenient to deliver than the bouquets. The packaging paper will wrinkle during the delivery process, the flowers may collapse, and customers will complain, return and so on. When flower businessman was tired but didn’t get caught at the end of the day. The heart of the businessman was actually very collapsed. Flower gift boxes save a lot of trouble.


There is a flower mud inside the flower box, and it is easier to fix the flower than the bouquet. The flower mud in the flower box will keep it moist after being absorbed, and it is easier to maintain the vitality of the flower. The flowers will be kept fresher for a longer period of time, and the longer the viewing period of the flower packaging boxes will be. The outer box during transportation will protect the flowers from damage.


Huaisheng flower gift box supplier

Gifts are sent to a mood, sometimes the choice of outer packaging may be more attractive to consumers than the product itself, the flower box gives a feeling of height. Where to find a good flower gift box supplier online? Here in Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd., you will find different kinds of box styles for flower packaging with custom designs, and you can also customize any sizes of these boxes to pack different pieces of flowers. What’s more, paper flower boxes can also be water-proof. But today I will just introduce you one kind of flower gift box which uses velvet as its wrapping paper.


Huaisheng velvet flower giftbox

Like the paper flower gift boxes, these velvet flower boxes can be customized in any shape, like square flower box, round flower box or heart-shaped flower box. Because you can not print on the velvet, you need to tell the supplier which velvet color you want to use for the box background color. And about the logo finish, the most commonly used on the velvet is gold foil stamping. As the velvet material is a little expensive than paper material, so this kind of flower boxes cost is higher, but you will finally find that they are worth the value.


A good flower gift box factory will first recommend you what are the most popular styles and dimensions in the target market; what are the hot selling colors for the newly opened flower shops. You no need to worry about your sales when having those custom flower gift boxes under their professional and experienced suggestions.

After reading this blog, do you want to learn more about related information about the flower gift box? Please follow us and we will update more knowledge for you.


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