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Printing classification

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  • Time:05/13/2019

Sort printing methods according to the number of printing colors

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According to the number of printing colors, the following distinctions can be made:

(1) Monochrome printing: It is not limited to black ones, and all those who display the printed matter in one color are. Poly Color Printing is divided into three categories: Casing Method, Register Method, and Multi-color Method.

For the color-increasing method, in the double-line range of the monochrome image, another color is added to make it clear and vivid, so as to facilitate reading. In general, the brush for children's reading materials is mostly used; the color-collecting method is independent of each other, and does not overlap each other, and there is no color edge line, which is printed on the printed matter in turn. Generally, the printing of line tables, commodity wrapping papers and topography is used.

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(2) Color printing: multi-color printing, according to the Additive Color Mixing Process, the natural color original is decomposed into a primary color separation plate, and then a Subtractive Color Mixing Pro

cess is used. The original color version is reprinted on the same printed matter, and the natural color print of the original is also obtained because of the difference in the overlapping area of ​​the primary colors. All color prints, except for a few additions and coloring methods, are all printed by the complex color method.

The four-color printing mainly adopts the printing method, and the four colors of CMYK (ie, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are transferred to the printing material for coloring, and the originals can be reproduced in different proportions of the four colors. Kind of color. In order to expand the color space, there are also ways to use more than four colors (such as six-color printing). The packaging industry often adopts four colors plus one or more spot colors to ensure that the user's demand for color is satisfied, and enhances the anti-counterfeiting, special and individual characteristics of the printed matter.

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Sorting printing methods according to the use of the printed matter

Classification according to the use of printed matter, such as book printing, newspaper printing, advertising printing, banknote printing, map printing, stationery printing, packaging printing, special printing, etc.

(1) Printing in books and magazines, in the past, letterpress printing was used. Gradually switch to lithography.

(2) Press printing, in the past, the use of the letterpress rotary printing, because of its rapid and large print volume. Recently, in order to meet the needs of color, it is changed to lithographic or gravure rotary printing.

(3) Advertising printing, including color pictures, pictorials, posters, etc., most of which use lithography, and may also use letterpress, gravure or stencil printing.

(4) Printing of banknotes and other securities, mainly based on gravure printing, must also be supported by letterpress and lithography.

(5) Photographic printing is suitable for map printing. Because of its large size, high precision, more color, less printing, and the original is mostly monochrome.

(6) Stationery printing, such as envelopes, letterheads, invitations, business cards, books, workbooks, etc., must be low-cost, large-volume printing, so the quality is second, so the majority of the letterpress printing is a priority.

(7) Packaging and printing, as small as various kinds of alkali beet and vegetable foods, candy, biscuits, candied fruit, as large as various types of packaging corrugated boxes and wallpapers for room decoration, etc., are mostly gravure printing.

(8) Special printing, such as bottles, bronzing, embossing, hoses, electronics, circuits, stickers, tickets, foil. Special crafts or special materials.



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