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Monthly Sharing Meeting in Paper Gift Boxes Factory

  • source:Paper Gift Box Factory
  • Time:05/15/2018

It is the tradition of our company to select a good salesperson to share his or her own business or work experience every month. Because for a paper gift box factory, we will meet various kinds of problems in our working or we will conclude some excellent working experience,it is a better way to share with other colleagues so they can learn some better skills and avoid the same problem when appeared in their working. Today Ivy is selected to share her experience with us.


Today is also our new colleague, named Henry’s birthday. We celebrate birthday for him before our sharing. Wish him a good start in our company and a happy life in the future!We sang a birthday song for him and taste the delicious cake and fruits.


Ivy shared her experience on how to follow up with customers, what jobs are the salesmen must do every day in our printing and packaging industry, how to calculate the packing date of both custom gift boxes of all shapes and paper bags in order to offer our clients a better and correct shipping cost.Most important, it is the PS skill she share with us which can easily help us to communicate with our customers with some images and text annotation. In this way,we are hard to misunderstand our customers or make ourselves misunderstood.


You can see from the above picture, it is our sample room.All the paper gift boxes we have made for our clients have brand or logo on it, that is why we do not provide free sample. But we will keep at least one sample of each design to display in our sample room, so when some clients visit our factory, they can check our box quality in real or we can take pictures of each design to the clients who do not know which style suit for their product packing.That is our best advantage compared with trading companies, because we have our own factory, all the boxes made in our own company,and we have task samples in hand. When client want to see some designs similar to what we have made before, we can easily find them and take videos to clients.So we will be more suggestive and credible.


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