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What is molded pulp packaging and How to custom molded pulp packaging?

  • source:Molded pulp packaging supplier
  • Time:02/15/2023

Environmental protection is an issue related to the living environment of all human beings. More and more people realize that protecting our homes is a very important thing. The demand for green packaging in many industries continues to grow, and molded pulp packaging has become a new popular packaging Material.


What is molded pulp packaging


Molded pulp packaging products are widely used in food (medicine) by using fully recyclable plant fiber pulp (wood, bamboo, sugarcane pulp, etc.) or recycled pulp from waste paper products as the base material, using unique technology ) non-polluting technology-based green environmental protection products in the fields of product storage, electrical packaging, planting and seedling cultivation, medical utensils, handicraft bottom blanks and fragile product liner packaging.


molded pulp packaging


Molded pulp packaging production process


The pulping process of molded pulp products uses raw pulp cardboard, waste paper, cartons, etc. as raw materials, and through pulping, refining and other processes, the paper is turned into fibers, which are suspended in water to form pulp liquid. Then use vacuum to absorb the pulp liquid in a special mold to form a wet billet, and then form a finished product through hot pressing drying, edge trimming and other processes.


Application of molded pulp Products


Molded pulp packaging, as an emerging green and environmental protection product, have a wide application prospect, not only in catering, food, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, but also in handicraft glass, ceramics, toys, medicine, decoration And other walks of life, its application value has been more and more fully demonstrated.


With the improvement of pulp molding technology, it has also begun to be used in high-end electronic products, cosmetics, luxury goods and other fields, and there are stricter requirements on the appearance and size of products, that is, high-end molded pulp packaging. It is to replace blister and injection packaging.


molded pulp packaging for egg


Performance characteristics of molded pulp packaging


The biggest highlight is that it is derived from natural fibers, returning to nature without polluting the environment at all, and becoming an organic part of nature. It truly comes from nature, returns to nature, does not pollute the environment throughout the life cycle, and fully conforms to the concept of environmental protection.


The process technology is simple and practical, and the production process is basically pollution-free, which meets the requirements of clean production.

The source of raw materials is wide and the cost is low. It is mainly made of waste paper or annual herb fiber pulp.

The product has high strength, good plasticity and cushioning performance.

Light weight, low recycling cost, can be used repeatedly.

From production use to waste disposal, there is no pollution to the environment, less water consumption in the production process, no waste water discharge, and less environmental pollution.

It has good air permeability and has unique benefits for the packaging of fresh products.

Pulp molded products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation.

If special additives are added in the production process, it also has special properties such as waterproof, oil-proof, and high-temperature resistance.

Fully degradable in natural environment.


molded pulp packaging for wine


How to Customize Pulp Molded Packaging


1. Find a manufacturer specializing in molded pulp packaging and get in touch with it;

2. Tell the manufacturer what kind of products you need molded pulp for pack. It is best to send your product samples to the manufacturer and let the manufacturer make molds according to your product size;

3. Determine the size, shape and quantity of molded pulp packaging;

4. The manufacturer starts production and waits for your product to be completed.


molded pulp packaging for electric


With the continuous improvement and upgrading of molded pulp technology, the application scenarios of molded pulp packaging are becoming more and more extensive. It is precisely because molded pulp packaging have the characteristics of sufficient raw material sources, pollution-free production and use, wide application range, strong plasticity, recyclability and reproduction, etc., it will play a greater role in the future global environmental protection.


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