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Luxury electronic packaging box with competitive price

  • source:Electronic Packaging Box
  • Time:05/07/2018

Yesterday was a busy day and also important day for our company, we accepted the review of intellectual property compliance by China Regulatory Corporation for a whole day, and at the same time, our electronic packaging box client from Korea arranged a meet with us.


Why people choose our factory to help them manufacture their custom paper electronic box?Below are the main reasons:


1.Plenty of materials for choosing

When people start to custom the packaging,they usually do not know what materials can be used and good for their brands.Or for some clients who already have made normal packaging are wondering if they can use other materials to make their packaging more luxury.Those problems or confusions can all be fixed in our factory. When you have time to arrange a meeting in our company, we can show you plenty kinds of paper materials until you find a favor one to make your personalized packaging boxes. At the same time you can check the paper quality or sample quality by seeing physical products. If you don’t like the normal black card paper or art paper, maybe a texture fancy paper will be a good choice.



2.Competitive price

We are a factory which have more than 35 handmade workers and 8 advanced machines.We manufacture all the electronic packaging boxes ourselves,so we can offer a better price than those trading companies in the same market.We can control the cost very well in order to survive in the competitive world. The advanced machines works very fast and well, we can save time to produce every box,so in the end our average output is higher than other custom paper box suppliers.


3.High quality

All the materials we used are A-grade materials with quality control and strict selection before printing.So our electronic paper packaging are very rigid and strong enough to protect your products inside. We only employ handmade workers who have at least 3 years of handmade experience in packaging and printing industry.So the boxes they made are very elegant and perfect.You do no need to worry about that we will make some defective products deliver to you.




4.Good service

We now have more than 20 trade sales, each sale is familiar with our paper gift boxes within two months after employed by our company.So they can provide professional suggestions for your electronic packaging.And each sale provides service to one client from quotation to shipping.All the questions can be answered within 12 hours. And we also provide after service if you have confusion when get our boxes. And we do not only provide paper packaging box but also provide different kinds of inserts if requested. And we can help arrange shipment as well.

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