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If the flowers are not packed, can you accept it?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:05/21/2019

This is a contradiction

If the flowers are removed from the packaging

What will happen?

If the flowers are not packed, can you accept it?
Nowadays, floral art is advocating environmental protection. Subtracting design has become the development trend of the future flower art. For this reason, there are frequent discussions about the packaging of flowers in the industry. Recently, Feng Feng also interviewed many flower shops, collected feedback from many customers, and screened a part for everyone to see.

flower box

If the flowers are not packed, can you accept it?
Most flower shops say that many guests still like floral works with the packaging, which looks more dignified and decent, just like the new clothes they just bought, giving a fresh and new feeling.

Sometimes the package can also be used to make up the length. If the bouquet is too small, you can make the package bigger, so that the whole bouquet is bigger. In fact, I sometimes come over like this. The premise is that your packaging can't be too big. You can't be divided. If you win the game, the work will become a ruin. It is easy to be visually suppressed. You see, opportunistic, here I don't want to say that the bouquet is always too tight for the pot friends, a lot of flowers, and finally piled up, it is a waste of cost, practice, and feel slow.

affordable flower box packaging

If the flowers are not packed, can you accept it?
There are a few flower shops that say: I personally like the natural floral type. The more positive and negative space, the more comfortable I feel. In fact, the status of naked flowers is also very good, it seems not so deliberate, and not so commercial, but for China's current consumer market, most of the guests cannot accept the form of naked flowers, after all, a lot of flowers are to be given Do not grasp the surface work, feel the experience is not good.

huaisheng affordable flower box packaging

If the flowers are not packed, can you accept it?
Discuss together: If any day, all kinds of floral works are not packed, will our florist still have a place? Will there be a reduction in the value of existence? What's more, it's not so easy to pack a bunch of flowers. For the flower white, the packaging is a big pit. It's really hard to do it without practicing for thirty or forty times, especially the details control problem. The packaging technology that has been accumulated is too abrupt?

flower packaging

In summary, the flower belt does not have the problem of packaging. As far as the domestic consumption form is concerned, it is really necessary to look at the occasion. Different occasions will have different needs of the works. The specific situation is analyzed in detail, and some occasions do not need to be packaged, such as weddings. Banquet floral arrangement, if it is a bouquet, flower box and other works without packaging, you need to adapt. If you want to find an environmentally friendly and affordable flower box packaging, please contact us!


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