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How to make your jewelry gift box more attractive?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:06/13/2018

For the jewelry box, not only must have the effect of protecting the goods and conveying the image of the goods, but also shoulder the function of improving the jewelry grade and added value. In order to quickly attract consumers' eyeballs, numerous jewelry companies are constantly trying new methods in the design of jewelry packaging boxes in addition to the design of jewelry itself. How can we quickly attract consumers' attention? Perhaps we can learn from the following methods.


1.Structure design

The basic design of the jewelry box packaging design is to consider its structural design. As the many jewelry gift box suppliers saying, this is its basic structure.In the structural design of the jewelry box, we should bear in mind:

1) The characteristics and accessories of jewelry mainly relate to the box type design and lining selection of jewelry;
2) Meet the basic requirements of box packaging;
3) Corresponding packaging test to ensure that the jewelry packaging has a certain strength, enough to protect the interior jewelry;
4) Make jewelry boxes as mechanized or semi-mechanized as possible.


2.Material selection

For jewellery boxes, the most common packaging method is heaven and earth. For the cover design of the world, the most taboo is that the lid and bottom of the box are recessed inwards. Therefore, when selecting materials, the stiffness of the materials used for the lid and the box should be noted. Generally, the materials that can be selected include gray boards and fiber boards. Due to the difference in each material, the corresponding size and specifications will also be different.The grade positioning of jewels mainly involves the styling design and material selection of jewellery boxes. In the same grade jewellery packaging, the materials chosen must be the most economical and environmentally friendly.Like paper jewelry box is a good choice.


3.Contextual design

With the fierce competition in jewellery, the design dimensions of the jewellery box need to pay more attention to cater to consumer's consumption needs and habits, and make adjustments according to the use scene flexibly. This has become a new trend in the design of jewelry boxes. For the design of jewellery packaging, not only should a variety of packaging solutions of different sizes be considered for the consumer experience, but also the compatibility of the convenience and comfort of the package size and usage scene should be taken into consideration for consumers.

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