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How to make this custom electronic packaging boxes?

  • source:electronic packaging boxes maker
  • Time:05/27/2019

huaisheng paper electronic boxes

How to make this custom electronic packaging boxes?

1. First,you should provide us your original file in PDF,AI or CDR.Our designer will check your file to see if it is ok to print, any problem, we will discuss with you. Then we will make a digital sample for confirmation of the color and size.
2. Second, we will order paper materials and check the quality, then start printing on each paper based on the confirmed design.
3. After printing, they need to laminating in gloss or matt, then, make other finish if have, such as foil stamping, embossing, or spot UV.
4. When all the finishing completed, the whole paper will be cut into piece or shape with machine based on a die cut mold.
5. Last step, they will be sent into handmade department for gluing, grooving, assembling and other handmade process.
6. Finally packing and shipping.

paper electronic boxes

What kind of inserts can you choose to make the custom electronic boxes?

1. Foam: It is the most commonly used insert when making the paper electronic boxes. It is protective and nice looking, usually there are white and black foam for you to choose. And they can be cut into any shape, but must cut through. Some foams are called pearl foam which look a little shinny of the materials and it is high quality and a little expensive than normal foams.
2. EVA: like the foam, usually have two colors, white and black. But if in large quantity, you can customize any color to make some flocking velvet on the surface. It has the characteristic of high density, so it is more rigid enough than other inserts to protect some bottles or high-end electronic products. Like phones packaging. You can see them in many gift boxes in your normally life. And they can be cut into any shape, but must cut through.

custom electronic paper boxes

3. Paper: for the cheap and recyclable reason, some clients will choose paper to be its insert to protect some light electronic products. What’s more, the paper can be printed any design to highlight the products packed in. But sometimes, they are easy to be broken and can be just used once.
4. PVC: It can be cut into any shape and without cutting through And also you can laminate some surface paper with your printing design on the PVC. It is very light and more flexible than other inserts used for electronic packaging boxes. But they are mostly used in cosmetic boxes packaging. They can be customized any color when flocked with some velvet.

custom electronic boxes

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