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How to make a small gift box?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:12/25/2018

You maybe interested in how to make a tiny small gift box with paper materials. Today we will take a small magnetic gift box for example, to show you how it looks when finished and what is the basic process for making such a paper box.

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(1)Preparation of raw materials including face paper and gray board paper
(2)Making a drawing, drawing a shape-shaped book box plate;
(3)Die-cut molding: using an automatic die-cutting machine to perform die-cutting on the opposite side of the plate-making paper and the gray board paper; and forming a groove on the inner wall of the paperboard by a hard sponge bead along the folding line;
(4)Confrontation of the face paper and the gray board paper;Of course before this step, you need to put the magnets into the middle;
(5)Printing, bronzing and glazing on the face paper;
(6)Glue box: During the paste box process, the temperature is controlled at 20-23 Degree, and the relative humidity is controlled at 60-70%, respectively. Perform 130° pre-folding; glue on the interface of the carton; fold 180° inward along the carton line; glue the interface of the carton together; then dry and then waterproof.

The whole process seems easy to finish, but when you see practically how the handcraft workers make every step, you will know it is not so easy.It is a very tedious and exquisite work,need high skill and experience in every detail.When you are finding a paper box supplier, you need to ask them to show their factory and handmade department to you so you can know if it is a professional paper box manufacturer who can help you with your product packaging.

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd. Is such specialized in customizing paper gift box for more than 18 years, I am sure it is your best choice.For more paper packaging information, you can contact us directly by email [email protected].




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