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How to make a gift sample box with lid?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:10/19/2018


It is very important to have a professional person who is skilled in making a quality sample box to the client before placing the order for a gift box factory . Today we will mainly tell you some information about how to make a handmade gift box with lid.

1. After all the surface finish completed, we first need to prepare materials based on the box structure and size. So the whole surface paper and rigid cardboard will be cut into pieces.

2. Like in the video show, the sample maker will first make some angle marks on the paper in order to make the box straight enough.

gift box


3. After laminating the inside surface paper on to the grey board piece, the whole piece will be put into the V-grooving machine to cut some 90-degree grooves to make the base and lid forming.

gift box factory


4. Then you should cut down the redundant material before making glue to form the box shape.



5. When wrapping the outside paper to the base and lid, you should take care of the glue and the mark lines and make sure the paper box look neat and exquisite.

gift-box-supplier (1)


6.It is very important to clean and press the whole box after finished, so the whole gift box can keep in high quality and your client will be satisfied with your scrupulous handcraft work and happy with the sample. When the trust is built between you and your client, orders will come to you one by one.

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd. Is an experienced custom handmade gift box supplier who does not only provide high-quality sample box but also provides mass products of high quality.Find and contact us directly by mail at [email protected].


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