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How should electronic packaging box be designed?

  • source:electronic packaging supplier
  • Time:12/06/2022


With the development of science and technology, more and more electronic products come into people's lives, such as smart phones, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smart bracelets, etc. When consumers buy electronic products, in addition to considering the performance of the product, the packaging of the product is also one of the factors affecting consumer decision-making.


The design of electronic packaging box should be considered from the following aspects


Protection of electronic packaging box


During the storage, transportation and use of electronic products, they are often adversely affected by the surrounding environment, such as affecting the working performance, service reliability and life of electronic products.

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The insulation of electronic products will be reduced by moisture, resulting in leakage current and noise. Therefore, the packaging should have sufficient moisture resistance, and the storage area must be dry. In addition, the metal parts of electronic components will be oxidized and rusted when contacting with the air, changing the resistance, resulting in poor contact and noise. The electrostatic effect of electronic products is easy to absorb dust, which causes the insulation of electronic components to decrease and the temperature to rise, so the requirements on the sealing of packaging are also high


Information display on electronic packaging box


Packaging itself is a visual symbol, which conveys the overall impression of consumer goods and information about goods. Packaging can become a symbol of corporate image and a part of corporate marketing planning. The packaging design of electronic products requires complete visual symbols, such as text, logo, color, texture and other elements. Through the arrangement of these elements, businesses can clearly convey the product information to consumers: "What is it? Who is it? What services can it provide for customers?".




Expression of sense of hi-tech


Giving electronic products more sense of hi-tech is also a major task of packaging. When purchasing electronic products, it is not allowed to open the box for inspection in many cases. The packaging design can visually display the products on the decoration. Through packaging, design can not only make precise realistic performance, but also make general induction performance. It can also freely express emotions, express rich fantasies, depict unrestrained fantasies beyond time and space, accurately show the texture and shape of products, and realize the transmission of images.


The above is about the design of electronic packaging box. If you need to customize electronic product packaging, please contact us.

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