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High quality paper packaging solution--tube gift box

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:06/14/2018

Paper tube gift box is one of the special shape of rigid box when compared with other square or round boxes.It is always used for luxury customized paper gift packaging, such as perfume, wine,candle,clothing or tea packaging. They have been thought as one of the high quality solutions among all paper packaging styles. Why?Here are some reasons we will talk about today.


As a specialized tube gift box supplier, based on our experience, we analysis three reasons people choose them for their gift packaging.


1.Perfect looking all around

Unlike the handmade round box, the paper tubes are made by machine with customized dimensions of mould. So they come out with a complete circle, no need to make the circle by hand with a piece of grey board. When you make a cylinder by hand, there will be a interface in somewhere which make the whole circle not so perfectly round. So even the tube material is a little expensive than grey board,people are willing to make such tube paper box as gift packaging considering the beautiful looking.


2.Easy to do the handcraft work

Since the raw material is tube, no need to make the circle by hand,it will cost less time and process to finish a cylinder gift box.In this way, the every day output will be improved and can save some handcraft cost in the end.


3.Different choices of box structure

Usually paper tube box is made up by two pieces, bottom and top lid, but there are different structures when making with a border or without.You can see the differences from the below sample boxes.


4.Good for shipping

The paper tubes cardboard have different thickness also, the normal used thickness tubes are 1.5mm, 2mm or more thicker ones, but 1.5mm tube is rigid enough for light weight gift packaging when wrapped by a piece of wrapping paper both outside and inside. As the tube paper boxes are rigid enough and no angles,so there will be no damage during shipping when packed with cartons.Even you throw them or press them from the outside, they will still be in good condition because of no interface and box corner.


So if you are just looking for a good packaging box for your perfume, wine or other gift packaging ,you can take a consideration of this tube gift box with custom printing.


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