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Why the folding gift box is popular among foreign buyers?

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  • Time:09/12/2018

The rigid folding paper packaging gives an orderly, safe and reliable impression, with an original natural flavor, easy to open, easy to take, simple to handle, especially in terms of delivering product brand and image. The paper box exudes a pleasant feeling: warm, breathable, and even scented, making the product look unfettered by the packaging, but with a combination of surface film, firmness and print; especially matching a culture is the ideal gift packaging for advanced products.

Folding gift packing box

Paper box packaging can better reflect the brand connotation of the product: color, design style, pattern and surface texture. Therefore, paper packaging has been favored by many industry brands, such as cosmetic packaging, wine box packaging, jewelry box packaging and so on. The shape of the paper box can be strange, but the folding gift box is more popular among foreign buyers.

So what are the advantages of the folding paper box?

1. A collapsible box is the most widely used sales package with the most structural changes. We have introduced the different structures of the foldable gift box in our previous article. If you still have confusion, you can get back to read it and know some information about it.

2. Low cost: Only in the case of small batch production and semi-automatic equipment, the cost of the fixed paper boxes can compete with the folding box, and the plastic box can only be produced in large quantities, and the expensive mold cost is allocated to a single product in a small cost can compete with it.

Huaisheng folding gift box

3. Low shipping cost: as the collapsible gift box can be shipped flat, they can save a lot of space when shipping abroad. Therefore, for those gift boxes with large sizes, they are the best style to customize in order to save the expensive transport cost.

Take this folding gift box, for example, the design is very simple, just made black printing on the white box, but looks elegant when decorating two pieces of ribbon to close it. You can use it to pack any kinds of products or gifts when assembled. You can also customize any size and design of your own from our factory, we will be your best packaging box solution provider.

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