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Explore the packaging industry at the 16th China Quality Home Furnishing Exhibition in Dubai!

  • source:Huaisheng
  • Time:05/15/2024

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of exceptional quality made in China? The 16th China Quality Home Furnishing Exhibition Dubai Station is about to open grandly! As the largest Chinese commodity trade show in Dubai, this event will bring together top products from all walks of life and bring unprecedented opportunities for business networking, procurement and cooperation.Guangzhou Huaisheng is honored to participate in the 16th Dubai Exhibition, with over 23 years of handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control, as well 20 professional trading sales, we committed to be China’s most cost-effective quality packaging factory. Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, perfume gift boxes, flower gift boxes, electronic packaging boxes, custom paper bags, etc.





Dubai World Trade Centre


Dubai, United Arab Emirates INVITATION Booth No S1F211


Home Furnishing Exhibition in Dubai


Why should you participate?

  • Explore diverse product categories:

    From packaging machinery and packaging products to textiles, furniture and building materials, everything is available, showcasing the superior quality of China's leading manufacturers.

  • Connect with Industry Leaders:

    Connect with China’s top suppliers, industry experts, and decision-makers to gain valuable insights, build new partnerships, and keep up with market trends.

  • Buy Directly from Manufacturers:

    Meet face-to-face with suppliers, negotiate deals, and source products directly from trusted manufacturers, ensuring price competitiveness and quality assurance.


  • Product Showcases and Demonstrations:

    Experience live demonstrations and explore the latest innovations in a variety of products, such as packaging boxes, from cutting-edge technology to trend-setting designs.

  • Business Matching Meetings:

    Participate in pre-arranged business matching meetings to meet potential suppliers and buyers to facilitate in-depth discussions and build long-term business relationships.

  • Industry Seminars and Workshops:

    Attend informational seminars and workshops led by industry experts covering topics such as market insights and supply chain management.

       the 16th China Quality Home Furnishing Exhibition in Dubai

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Join us to explore the 16th China Quality Home Furnishing Exhibition in Dubai and open up unlimited possibilities for business growth and success!


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