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Customized Electronic Packaging Box Manufacturer and Supplier

  • source:electronic packaging boxes maker
  • Time:12/02/2019

The electronics packaging box customization industry can be roughly divided into 2 types of packaging box types and material designs. What are these packaging box designs? Today, the customized electronic packaging box manufacturer and supplier will share with you what they are.


1.Corrugated box style: This design is produced by a paper packaging box factory that has been around for a long time. Like some outer packaging boxes of lamps, although it is a long box, it is a sheet. The pit paper has completed the production of this carton through the technology of beer and paste. It is done by directly printing the things that need to be printed on the original color paper. Although the difficulty is not high, the appearance may not be so gorgeous and fancy, but the cost Very impressive. In addition to products such as lamps, there are also some custom-made electronic product packaging boxes such as routers and graphics cards. These are more cost-effective paper boxes.



2. Rigid paper box:  this kind of packaging box customization, slowly flowed into China after the reform and opening up in 1997, and began to prevail in our country, but at that time it was not as hot as it is now, becoming a mainstream electronic product The type of packaging box is custom-made. At that time, external factors such as economics and other factors led to the formation of pit boxes on the market. Such a good-looking packaging box can resist the court, but with a mobile phone merchant represented by a pit box After the decline, the electronics industry, which has developed rapidly in the 10 years of the mobile phone industry, began to use rigid cardboard paper as the main form of the box.




The above two points are the current prevalence and development of some electronic product packaging boxes. The box types and materials are changing. It can be clearly seen that the lives of people in our country are slowly changing, and the technology is also increasing with consumption Consumer demand has progressed, more and more mature and stable, I hope you have a deeper understanding of the paper packaging industry.

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