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Customer visited our factory - Huaisheng gift boxes manufacturer

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:11/13/2018

Recently, the Canton Fair is being held, and many customers have visited the China Canton Fair. Fortunately, our factory is very close to the Canton Fair. It takes only 20 minutes by subway to get to our factory, so many customers come to visit our factory at this time.

In the video, This is our colleagues Youlanda's customers from Saudi Arabian are visiting our workshop about the gift boxes project. They are very satisfied with the environment of  our workshop, clean and comfortable, and the workers are very serious, efficient and professional.

In addition, they also visited the production line of our workshop and the quality of the boxes produced. They are very satisfied with the quality of our boxes and our packaging solutions.

Finally, they discussed with our designers about the box type, size, and design of the box they needed, and confirmed the design at the time. The customer has placed a sample order.

It was a very happy conversation, and we took photos of each other before the customer left.Welcome to visit our factory.





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