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Custom sizes hexagon paper box supplier,Paper stock boxes
hexagon paper boxes for gift packaging
customized size hexagon paper boxes
paper hexagon box for stock purpose
hexagon paper boxes with lid

custom sizes hexagon paper box for stock purpose

  • Product Description:
  • This hexagon paper boxes are usuually used for stock packaging or cosmetic packaging.You can customize different sizes to stock different products.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-H002-A
  • Name:custom sizes hexagon paper box for stock purpose
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: Grey and white
  • Size: custom
  • Shape: Hexagon paper box shape
  • Material: 157gsm art paper laminated on 2mm gray board +ribbon
  • Finish: Matt lamination, 1 + 0C
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized

Paper Box with Lid PRODUCT DETAIL

Custom Hexagon Paper Box Introduction:

If you’re looking for the best packaging solution for your products – a packaging solution that offers functionality, durability and affordability in a single package, then you’re at the right place with us. Huaisheng Packaging offers you the best range of custom hexagon boxes in a variety of sizes, colors and levels of customization that can help you meet your business goals within no time.

As its name suggests, custom printed hexagon box packaging feature six vertical panels with the sides having the same width. The boxes fold flat along a straight line glue flap. A tuck in flap and a triangle dust flap seal the top and bottom panels. The design is ideally used for food, cosmetics and packaging of stock products.

When it comes to custom hexagonal boxes, you’ve complete freedom in getting its layout, color, design, graphics and text according to your needs and preferences. Whether you’d like to have your company logo or your brand name imprinted on your boxes, we make sure you get the highest quality custom printed hexagonal box packaging that promotes visibility in both indoor and outdoor settings. Not only are our hexagonal boxes highly durable and the best in the business, they are also available at unbeatable rates. With bulk orders for custom printed hexagonal boxes, you can even get amazing discounts that provide you with great return on investment for your promotional campaigns. See the below paper hexagon box samples:

paper hexagon box for stock purpose
hexagon paper boxes for gift packaging
customized size hexagon paper boxes
hexagon paper boxes with lid

How about the shipping way of hexagon paper boxes?

We usaully suggest clients to customize the sizes in different ranges in order to put the smaller one into the larger one.In this way they can save a lot of  shipping cost.

5-7 days

02. Air
3-4 days

03. Sea
15-30 days

Packing & Shipping
  • FedEx
  • ups
  • EMS

Our service:

When depending upon the shape and size of the box. We have to be very careful that everything has to precise. Any light weight object can be stored within these boxes.  Designing is a very important job. You should consider twice. The customization is very important. There should be balance between the size of an item and the space of the box. Hexagon paper boxes vary in different dimensions and sizes. These boxes are neither too large nor too small.

Sometimes it is very hard to locate a factory which can satisfy our product requirement. The main requirement of the clients are quality and prices. Our company can assure that our prices affordable for your market. Satisfying our customer is a priority for our firm that is why we consider each and every requirement of the customer. This is the main reason that we are reference by many manufacturers.

Our Service

Why choose hexagon paper boxes to be your products packaging?

Structure: hard and fancy

The Hexagonal Box we provide have more security and a little more complex draft to understand. Before setting up, the box totally looks like a butterfly. After setting it up, the box consists of a hexagonal tray mounted with four covering panels. Two of which hold the shape of triangle, one hexagon and the last one is rectangular. Their order is also the same way as just described. When all of them are put together, you can yourself imagine the state of their ultra secure nature. So these boxes are ideal for transporting and packing valuable items. Due to their unusual shape, these boxes leave some space when put with large volumes of boxes but are totally worth their lavish look.

( For special styles needs, please advice or get back to our Custom Service page. )


We have high regards for quality and the packaging we provide speaks value. Just try our service and you will undoubtedly see yourself convinced.

Cost: economic

Hexagon Boxes are a little costly to manufacture but our methods are cost-effective and we demand moderate amount of money for our services. So, you get to save some bucks and be content with our assistance.

Technology: We have the potential to improve. The same goes for our methods and techniques. We have cutting edge technology that confirms high quality packaging and strong stuff.



hexagon paper boxes with lid

custom sizes hexagon paper box for stock purpose

Luxury Awarded Hexagon Paper Box for Cosmetic Packaging 04

Luxury Awarded Hexagon Paper Box for Cosmetic Packaging

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