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What inner tray are available for customized packaging boxes?

  • source:Custom boxes manufacturer
  • Time:01/31/2023

We usually buy cosmetics, electronic equipment, skin care products and other various products. When opening the box, we will find that there are some linings inside to protect the products from damage due to collisions. Packaging box customization can choose different linings according to customer needs. This article will introduce you to the types of packaging box linings.


Cardboard or corrugated inner tray

The production price of paper lining is low, the material is more environmentally friendly, and it can be recycled and processed more conveniently. Moreover, the paper lining is easier to shape and has better cushioning performance, which can protect, support, and shock the items during transportation.

paper inner tary for paper box


EVA inner tray

EVA is made of polyethylene foam, which is very good in elasticity, flexibility, punch resistance and sealing. And the appearance is smoother and softer and thicker to the touch. The groove design can be made according to the shape of the product, and the groove design can play the role of fixing and displaying the goods. EVA lining is used in the customization of some fragile products.

EVA inner tray for paper box


Sponge inner tray

The sponge lining is divided into environmental protection sponge lining, anti-static sponge lining and fireproof sponge lining. The effect of anti-static sponge lining used in electronic products and chips is better, which can prevent products from being affected by static electricity. Moreover, the cost of the sponge is low and the processing is more convenient.

Sponge inner tray for paper box


Plastic inner tray

Plastic lining is widely used in various food packaging. The plastic lining is clean and hygienic, and no debris will stick to the food. This is a significant advantage over other materials, and it has good stability, anti-extrusion, Not easy to deform and cheap.

plastic inner tray for paper box


The above is about packaging boxes customization how to choose inner tray. These types of linings have their own advantages. When choosing, you can choose the inner tray according to the product characteristics and the appearance of the packaging box.

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