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The Marketing Role of Product Packaging Box in Social Media

  • source:product packaging box
  • Time:12/23/2022

Do you usually use social media software?

Have you seen unboxing videos on social media?




If you like to use social media such as INS, Facebook, and TIKTOK, you will find that "unboxing videos" are very popular on these social platforms. The tag of unboxing on YouTube has 560,000 channels, 1.89 million videos.


Before shopping online, more and more people will first search for product-related unboxing videos on social media, check the comments of netizens on this product, and then decide whether to place an order.


Whether it is a customer or a netizen watching the unboxing video, the first thing they see is not the product, but the product packaging box, and the user's first impression of the brand begins to form from this moment. The perfect combination of the box and the product creates a smooth transition for the product, from unboxing to using the product, all the emotions in between are part of the unboxing experience.




Take TIKTOK as an example. When we search for a certain cosmetics brand, the search results page, except for the merchant account and some advertising information, is mostly an unboxing video of the product. For some beauty bloggers with a large number of fans, their video views can reach millions or even tens of millions. For brands, every play of these unboxing videos is a promotion. Watching the video carefully, we will find that bloggers will focus on the cosmetic packaging box and the feeling of opening the box before introducing the product.


"Social media" is a double-edged sword. Although "social media" provides an opportunity for product marketing, at the same time, if the product and its packaging are inappropriate, it is easy to be magnified.


So? What can merchants do to ensure packaging is social media friendly?


When designing product packaging box, merchants need to understand the target customer group of the product, so as to better customize product packaging that meets their aesthetic needs according to the needs of customers. The structure of the packaging box should also be more flexible and able to protect the product from damage during transportation. In addition to the need for convenient opening and closing methods, if the packaging box has multiple functions after the product is used up, it can also add points to the product.




Although most users will choose products based on word-of-mouth and efficacy when purchasing products, the product packaging box can determine whether customers will go to "social platforms" to share, and it can also determine when potential users see the product packaging box. The first glance will not go to learn more about it.


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