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Principles that should be followed in the packaging box design

  • source:packaging box builder
  • Time:12/15/2022

Design needs to be innovative, and the same is true of packaging box design, but if you are too unconventional and do not follow basic principles such as practicality, it cannot be called a good design. This article will introduce you to the basic principles that packaging box design should follow.


1. Practicality

The practical principle of packaging box design is to make it very convenient for consumers to take and use. The size of the packaging box, the material of the handle, and the position of the product in the box need to be designed according to ergonomics, according to the ease of use principles for customization.




2. Security

One of the functions of the packaging box is to protect the product from damage, so the packaging material should be selected according to the characteristics of the product during design. For example, for products packaged with fragile materials such as glass, thicker materials should be used in the design of the packaging box, and EVA inner support should be used to protect the product.


3. Uniqueness

With the increasingly fierce market competition, the phenomenon of product homogeneity is very common, and the packaging box is an important carrier that can reflect product differentiation. Designers need to combine products and brand culture to design packaging boxes to reflect uniqueness.


custom jewelry box


4. Easy to sale

Product packaging box design should follow the principle of easy to sell, because the ultimate purpose of the design is to promote the sales of the product.

The above is the content of the packaging box design principles introduced to you. To learn more about the customization and design of packaging boxes, please visit the official website of Huaisheng.

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