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How to choose a clothing packaging box

  • source:clothing packaging box manufacturer
  • Time:12/01/2022

With the rapid development of the Internet in countries all over the world, e-commerce has become more and more common in people's lives, and shopping in malls is no longer only way to shopping for people. In this fast-paced era, more people will choose to shop on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and shopee.


For online clothing brands, using the right clothing packaging box is also becoming more and more important, because customers' first impression of the brand depends on their impression of the packaging box. If the packaging box of the product is too cheap or has no characteristics, customers may think that the products sold by the brand have no texture, and consumers will lower their expectations for the product.




When we shop for clothes online, most of the merchants use opp bags to pack the clothes, and then send them to customers in a courier bag. Although clothing is not a fragile product, such uniform packaging cannot highlight your brand, nor can it improve customers' first impression of the brand and product through packaging.


Clothing packaging box is not just a container for packaging products, it is the best marketing tool to showcase your brand and stand out from your competitors. Therefore, clothing brands can choose to customize exclusive packaging boxes for their own products. When customizing clothing packaging boxes, the following issues need to be paid special attention to.


Is the box beautiful? Is the box functional and protective? Can customers easily view your products?


So how to choose a packing box for clothing? Try these three


  • Tear strip packaging box


This is a corrugated box with a tear strip, which has the advantages of low cost, easy packing, and even no need to use tape; consumers can easily tear the box apart after receiving the package. Merchants can print logos and slogans on the outside and inside of the packaging box. When consumers open the box, they will see the brand information at first sight, which will deepen their impression of the brand.




  • Folding packaging box


Folding boxes are also widely used in e-commerce, and they are also made of corrugated paper. Generally speaking, merchants will put the clothing in the packaging box, and put a courier bag on the packaging box to prevent water and moisture.




  • Magnet packaging box


The magnet box has a good texture and is a kind of packaging box often used in some luxury gift shops. For those clothing merchants who want to take the high-end brand route, the magnet box is a good choice. This kind of packaging box is not only more beautiful in appearance, but also the magnet seal can better protect the product. In addition to the magnet box, merchants can also customize handbags and present them to customers in packaging boxes. When customers walk on the street with handbags, it is a "walking billboard" for merchants.




If you also want to customize clothing packaging boxes for your own brand, please contact us. Huaisheng is a professional packaging box customization manufacturer, providing a one-stop packaging box customization solution.

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