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Why FMCG brands like to use custom paper bags

  • source:paper bag supplier
  • Time:12/01/2022

If you have been shopping in large shopping malls, you will find that many FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands such as Zara, Uniqlo, HM, Starbucks, etc., like to use custom paper bags with their logos. Why do FMCG brands love paper bags so much?




FMCG brand products have a short style update cycle and fast quarterly updates, so there is no need to customize packaging for each product. Kraft paper has low cost and short production cycle. FMCG brands use customized paper bags with uniform logos, which can reduce costs.


Compared with packaging boxes, custom paper bags take up less space and are ready to use. Lightweight and easy to carry features are also welcomed by consumers.




The use of environmentally friendly paper bags is also one of the brand's measures to build a public image; in addition, from the analysis of consumer habits, consumers generally do not throw away paper bags immediately after shopping. In daily life, consumers will put some personal items in paper bags, take them out for shopping or take them to the company; invisibly, consumers have made free publicity for the brand, which is also the favorite of FMCG brands to customize paper bags one of the reasons.

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