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What are the advantages of custom paper bags?

  • source:paper bag supplier
  • Time:01/01/0001

Paper bags have now become widely used packaging materials for various e-commerce platforms and FMCG brands. Compared with other packaging materials, paper bags have many advantages. This article will introduce to you the advantages of custom paper bags.




  • Environmentally friendly and degradable

As the public's awareness of environmental protection continues to improve, plastic packaging is being phased out. Customized paper bags can be degraded, and chemical pigments are rarely used, which reduces environmental pollution. The use of degradable environmentally friendly paper bags is also advocated by many countries and environmental protection organizations. The use of environmentally friendly packaging by enterprises is also a manifestation of actively taking social responsibilities.




  • Short production cycle and low cost

Customized paper bags only need to highlight the brand in design, and do not need particularly complex production processes (such as hot stamping, hot silver, UV, etc.), and the production cycle is short, so the cost is lower, and enterprises can obtain greater profit margins .




  • Marketing

High-quality customized paper bags are very practical. Consumers will not throw away the paper bags after shopping, and the paper bags will be reused by consumers in different occasions. And custom paper bags with brand logos will continue to appear in people's sight, and the brand will gain marketing invisibly.

It can be said that the use of custom paper bags is beneficial to businesses, consumers and society.

As a professional manufacturer of customized packaging, we are also constantly improving our processes and technologies to promote environmentally friendly packaging to our customers. If you have custom paper bags or custom packaging needs, please contact us.

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