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Huaisheng factory is busy with the cosmetics gift boxes production

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:04/29/2022

Yesterday I have visited the Huaisheng factory, they are very busy with one type of the cosmetics gift boxes production. So many people gathered together, in order to deal with this cosmetics gift boxes.


This is a type of cosmetics gift boxes, which includes the mirror inside, which is totally distinguished from the other cosmetics gift boxes.



Cosmetic packaging box market analysis

In the era of booming Internet, online shopping has become an important part of People's Daily life, large and small cosmetics e-commerce also emerged.

At present, cosmetics have already become fashion products and daily necessities in People's Daily life. With the rapid rise of Cosmetics consumption in China, the cosmetics market has entered a golden period of development.

China is now the world's second-largest cosmetics market, and cosmetics companies are making their mark in the field. At present, cosmetic packaging is classified according to materials, mainly plastic, glass, paper and metal.

1) Original personality

From the packaging color, people will change from the buyers to determine the color matching. Because different colors represent different styles between brands.

2) Customized

On the eve of Valentine's Day 2021, exclusive products from YSL Beauty, Lancome and other brands sold out quickly after they were released on the Tmall flagship store.

3) Experience

At present, natural is becoming a trend. In the design of carton, we’d better choose the good experience with good-contact.

Now, the special-effective paper includes the plant parchment paper, embossed paper and pattern paper. Different effects can meet different brand promotion themes. Additional, cosmetics is so convenient to take which has got much more love from the white-collars.

4) Brevity

Nowadays the packaging is becoming more and more minimalist, and the fonts on products and packages are rarely fancy. With the prominent logo, the product is more easy to promote. In addition, the packaging should have a deeper cultural connotation, the proper integration of traditional culture into the packaging design will make the packaging design more style and characteristics. 


In the evolution of cosmetic packaging, intelligent packaging is playing an increasingly important role. Some brands give their products a sense of technology on the concept of packaging to enhance the technical taste of the product. 

6) Sustainability

With the increasing awareness of consumer environmental protection year by year, the sustainable packaging has gone the mainstream nowadays. With the less usage of the packaging material, they can win more customers in the near future.






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