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Are you celebrating Woman’s Day

  • source:Huaisheng
  • Time:03/08/2018
As we all know, March 8th is the international Woman’s day and also the world’s peace day.All the people all over the world is celebrating this day for love of mother and wife or for love of peace.
We will have a half day off in our company,which company is specialized in customizing gift packaging box,such as jewelry gift box, flower gift box and cosmetic box,etc. Some clients will order custom gift boxes ahead from our gift box factory in order to promote their gift product sales in this Woman’s day.So what popular styles usually be chosen among those gift packaging boxes?
1. Jewelry gift boxes
Bespoke jewelry gift box to pack the special jewelry to attract the customer to buy them in order to surprise their mother or the love ones.Of course there are many normal shapes which we can choose from, but if you make some special design on these jewelry gift boxes, that will be a huge success to promote your brand at last.
2. Flower gift box
What woman love the best? Of course, flowers!!So if you open a flower box shop, you should think more about the promoting on this day, because this day will be a great chance to let customer know your brand and service. One good way is to personalize your flower packaging to make your flowers more unique.To sell your flowers just with one piece of wrapping paper is out of fashion, but with a round,square or heart shaped flower gift box with handle and ribbon decoration is a nice try.
flower gift box
3. Cosmetic gift box
There is no doubt that woman also loves to be looking beautiful.So in nowadays,cosmetic is becoming more and more hot selling.But the raw materials are the same and the function is same, how to make customer buy your products?It is about different brand and packaging. A nice and luxury cosmetic gift box can make your skincare products look more high-end,and a rigid handmade cosmetic box can protect your products from being damaged,most important, the cosmetic packaging can print your logo on it and people will remember your name after using them with good feeling.
In a word, no matter how to celebrate the woman’s day, no matter what gifts to send to your mother or wife, we are in a world full of products. And packaging is needed everywhere.To make your packaging outstanding and valuable, you can trust us--your packaging gift box expert.

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