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Amazon watch gift box review

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:12/10/2018

Huaisheng jewelry gift boxes manufacturers will show you about watch gift box review in Amazon. There are many brands in the watch and there are also with many box types. The one introduced today is the watch boxes of our Yemen customers. This is Amazon brand with more than ten years.

amazon watches boxes

The customer came to visit our factory and was very satisfied with the equipment of our factory, the environment of the workshop and the professional level of the staffs. His first order was 50,000 pcs watch boxes from our factory. There is a review from him when he received the boxes:

“Really want to order again. The boxes is really amazing and is delivered really fast.The biggest thing is that since I used this packaging, my business has been selling well,l will order back from HS Packaging soon, thanks my friend, Sunny,she is very professional in customizing paper packaging box and gave many suggestions for me, thank you!”

About the shipping, We have the following advantages:

1. We provide high-quality cartons (K=A) for boxes outer packing and also take many protective methods to prevent the cartons from being damaged.
2. We provide free service of helping customers checking shipping information to their destination at the lowest rate, giving them the better suggestion of shipping ways, shipping time and shipping cost.
Take this watch paper box, for example, we will put a paper insert into each box, then close the lid and put the boxes into customized carton boxes with shipping mark requested by customer printed on both sides of the cartons.

So the customer is very satisfied with our packaging and protection for the boxes solutions.


white gift boxamazon watch boxes supplier




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