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What should be paid attention to in the design of flower packaging boxes?

  • source:CINDY
  • Time:05/09/2022

Flowers, as an ornament in home life, are decorations that make life more comfortable, and they are also the choice that people often choose as gifts in various festivals. So there are many flower sellers, how to do a good job in flower sales? Guangzhou Huaisheng packaging Inc., Ltd will satisfy your needs about the customized packaging.


In the following specific introduction, how should flower sellers package their own flowers so that consumers like them more and prefer to choose your products?


Huaisheng packaging will discuss the packaging thing with you as follows. The sales of flowers is different from other products, and its collocation is more about the choice of consumers, so as long as the same kind of flowers are packaged together and sent away, the real competition lies in the packaging.


The first consideration for the packaging of flowers is not aesthetics, but protection. If the packaging is not good and the flowers are damaged, then there will be no sales of the product. Generally, flowers are packaged in two layers. One layer of wrapping paper is used to fix the bouquet and also to protect the rhizomes of the flowers from evaporating the water so quickly. Therefore, waterproof crepe paper is generally selected. The second layer of packaging can be a carton or a wooden box. The wooden box is better, but the price of the carton is lower in terms of cost. It can be packed in a carton. Deformation, otherwise saving the packaging fee but damaging the flowers, it will not be worth the loss.


Basically all flower sales will pay attention to these, because this is the basic element to ensure that the flowers are still delicate and bright after reaching the consumers.


Huaisheng packaging reminds you that: if the packaging is not designed and has its own characteristics, then your flowers will have no culture and no logo. People can choose you today and will choose the others tomorrow. Therefore, the intention in packaging design is to let the customers remember you and let customers willing to order your flowers all the time.


The outer packaging should reflect the texture, so that people will feel that the quality is good when they get it, and the packaging should be solid, and the logo should be designed on a solid color, so that when people see the logo, they will know that it is your company's flowers.


The inner packaging paper must show details, not an ordinary piece of crepe paper. It can be fresh and elegant, or it can be humorous. Add comics in unexpected places. In short, the point is to make people remember you and your shop through the flowers.


You can come to Huaisheng packaging factory to customize the flower gift box, you will definitely design a satisfactory package to help the flowers gain a place in the market.




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