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What are the classifications of carton materials? How to distinguish different material cartons?

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:05/23/2022

Now the carton has become the darling of the package industry, and every industry will come into contact with it. It can not only protect a product itself from damage, but also improve the buyer's desire to buy. A good packaging can make your product more delicate, but do you know the classification of carton materials?


1. White cardboard

White cardboard is a kind of cardboard with white and smooth front and gray background on the back. This kind of cardboard is mainly used for single-sided color printing and then made into cartons for packaging, or for design and handmade products. Good whiteboard paper generally requires tight texture, smooth surface, consistent thickness, no lint on the paper surface, good absorbency, and small stretch rate, and can adapt to the requirements of multi-color overprinting. In order to meet the requirements of box making, whiteboard paper should also have the characteristics of high stiffness and good folding resistance. The main importing countries are: South Korea, Indonesia, the United States, Japan, etc., especially the quality of white board paper produced in Japan is better.


2. Kraft cardboard

Kraft cardboard, known as cardboard paper in my country, is one of the main types of carton paper. Domestic cardboard paper is divided into three grades: superior product, first-class product and qualified product. The texture of kraft paper must be tough, with high burst resistance, ring compressive strength and tear strength, in addition to high water resistance. Due to the difference in technology and materials, in general, the quality of most imported kraft paper is better than that of domestic kraft paper, especially the quality of American-made kraft paper is the best. The test items are: quantitative, thickness, tightness, bursting strength, bursting index, ring compressive strength, transverse ring compressive index, breaking length, tearing degree, sizing degree, moisture, quantitative difference in width, transverse folding endurance and many more.


3. Corrugated paper

Corrugated base paper is one of the important components in the production of corrugated board. Corrugated base paper requires good fiber bonding strength, smooth paper surface, good tightness and stiffness, and requires certain elasticity to ensure that the produced carton has shock resistance and pressure resistance. In addition, the moisture index should be controlled. If the moisture is too small, the paper will be brittle, and the corrugated will be broken during processing; if the moisture is too large, the paper will be soft, which will bring difficulties to the processing and forming. Generally, the moisture content of paper should be controlled at about 10%. Domestic corrugated base paper is divided into four grades: A, B, C and D.


The difference between different material cartons:


1. Visually, their colors are different.


2. In terms of hand feel, their softness and hardness are different. When you use your fingernails to pinch the paper surface, the easier it is to pinch the paper, the worse the paper quality will be.


3. Distinguish from the price of the carton, from the selection of materials and the influence of comprehensive factors.


4. Different from the weight of the carton, for example, a 12-post size carton, the weight of the kraft paper carton is more than 45 grams, and the carton of tea board material is generally not more than 35 grams.







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