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The importance of characters in packaging boxes design and what text content is required for packaging box

  • source:The importance of characters in packaging boxes de
  • Time:03/16/2023

Text plays a very important role in packaging box design. It can describe the characteristics, functions, usage methods, brand and other information of the product, provide consumers with the necessary guidance, and help consumers quickly understand the advantages and characteristics of the product, thereby promoting sales.


In addition to conveying information, text can also play a role in beautifying the packaging box. By choosing appropriate fonts, colors and typography, unique and elegant visual effects can be created, and consumers' awareness of products and perception of brand value can be improved.


Therefore, the appropriate text in the packaging box design is not only the transmission of product information, but also an effective means to promote brand style and improve product value.


custom paper boxes for product


The text content of the box mainly includes the following aspects:


Basic text:

Model number, brand name or production company name. It is generally arranged on the main display surface of the packaging box, and the name of the manufacturer can also be arranged on the side or back.


Data Text:

The data text includes product composition, capacity, model, specification, etc. This kind of text is generally arranged on the side and back of the box, and can also be arranged on the front.


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Explain the purpose of the product, how to use it, precautions, etc. The content of the text should be concise and to the point, generally not arranged on the front of the package.


Ad text:

This is a promotional text introducing product features. The content should be honest, concise, and vivid, and avoid deception and wordy words. Ad text is optional at design time.


Try to design your products packaging boxes by use correct characters.


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