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Huaisheng will participate in the 7th HOMELIFE Indonesia International Home Gifts Exhibition

  • source:Huaisheng
  • Time:05/09/2024

Huaisheng will participate in the 7th HOMELIFE Indonesia International Home Gift Exhibition. We welcome exhibitors who need to purchase gift boxes, gift packaging, and customized packaging. We hope to achieve satisfactory cooperation through our exchanges.We will wait for you at Jakarta International Expo(JExpo) INVITATION Booth No B2G101.

Jakarta International Expo(JExpo) INVITATION Booth No B2G101

Packaging industry experts

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, China, which is very close to the Port of Huangpu for ocean shipping. We are focused on custom manufacturing of exquisite manual paper gift boxes. Company founder Marine Wang personally engaged in the paper packaging printing industry for over 23 years. The company covers over 80000 square meters of workshop area and has 3 websites on Alibaba. With over 23 years of handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control, as well 20 professional trading sales, we committed to be China’s most cost-effective quality packaging factory. Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, perfume gift boxes, chocolate gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes, corrugated mailing boxes, flower gift boxes, electronic packaging boxes, custom paper bags, etc.

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About HOMELIFE Indonesia International Home Gifts Exhibition:

The exhibition is organized by HOMELIFE International Home Furnishing Gifts Exhibition, and is organized by ZÜCDER-Turkish Household Products Association, EVFED-Turkish Kitchenware Federation, Randburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South African National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Indonesian Retailers Association, Polish National Chamber of Commerce, Poland It is co-organized by the Chamber of Importers, Exporters and Cooperatives, the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores of Mexico, the National Chamber of Cosmetic Industry and Commerce of Mexico, the São Paulo Shopping Center Entrepreneurs Association of Brazil, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Indian Pen and Stationery Association.
HOMELIFE International Home Gift Exhibition is deeply involved in the home gift industry. It holds a series of exhibitions around the world every year, attracting exhibitors from all over the world, including product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc. in the home gift packaging industry, providing a platform for Chinese enterprises and overseas buyers. Built a trade bridge.
The international home gift market contains huge business opportunities and unlimited development prospects. HOMELIFE International Home Gift Exhibition has become the industry's premier industry event, leading the industry's frontiers and trends, and is committed to providing exchanges, learning and display of the latest products and technologies for industry professionals A platform to help industry professionals explore future industry development!
Range of exhibition:
1. Household daily necessities: cleaning products, home decoration, table decorations, glass products, plastic products, ceramic products, metal products, bathroom products, packaging products, headwear, umbrellas, shopping bags, air fresheners, essential oils, etc.
2. Kitchen supplies: cookware, knives, cooking tools, baking tools, tableware, cups, thermos cups, etc.; napkins and napkins; crisper boxes, fresh-keeping bags, vacuum sealers, etc.; dishcloths, detergents, cleaning brushes, rags wait.
3. Office supplies and gifts: pencil boxes, pens, file boxes, notebooks, calendars, etc.; holiday supplies: various holiday supplies, entertainment supplies, magic props, etc. Glasses, gift box crafts, medals and awards, cards, souvenirs, badge customization, gift key chains, photo frames, travel souvenirs, clocks, greeting cards, etc.
4. Beauty and personal care products: daily chemical cleaning products, personal care and health products, beauty and cosmetic products, wig products, OEM/ODM/packaging, scalp care products, beauty/skin care/SPA products and instruments, manicure and accessories, semi-permanent/ Eyelashes and medical beauty products, perfumes and cosmetics, etc.
5. Outdoor leisure and sporting goods: fitness equipment, scooters, sunglasses, etc.; sports and game supplies: water entertainment sports equipment and equipment, horse gear, equestrian sports equipment and clothing, beach and camping leisure goods, etc.; sauna equipment, fitness Equipment, etc.; garden supplies; barbecue equipment, various ovens, etc.
6. Pet supplies: pet supplies, pet food and health products, pet medical supplies, pet toys, clothing and accessories, pet grooming supplies, training supplies, pet travel and outdoor supplies.

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