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Advantages of custom paper bags? How to Customize Paper Bags?

  • source:paper bag wholesale
  • Time:12/27/2022


When you are shopping for clothes at the mall, when you are buying coffee at the coffee shop, have you noticed that more and more merchants are using paper bags to pack their products?


  • Why are paper bags becoming more and more popular? What are the advantages of custom paper bags



If the enterprise customizes a large number of paper bags, the cost of a single paper bag will become very low. Compared with the manufacturing cost of some high-end gift packaging boxes, the use of paper bags can bring more profits to the enterprise.


Social responsibility

Protecting our earth and reserving living space for future generations has become the consensus of people all over the world. So how should an enterprise practice the concept of "protecting the earth"?

Reduce the use of non-degradable materials for product packaging, such as plastic bags. Using recyclable and degradable paper packaging in product packaging can make a contribution to environmental protection, and can also enhance the social image of the company. Even if some consumers are not your target customers, they may still feel good about your business because of your company's social responsibility.





As we all know, product packaging can not only be used to protect products, but also a marketing tool. Enterprises can design patterns, text, and logos on the paper bags, so that the content displayed on the paper bags is consistent with your brand concept. When consumers walk in the streets with paper bags with your brand image on them, many potential consumers will see your brand and know what your company does, which will win you more potential customer.


When your brand holds promotional activities or distributes souvenirs on some important holidays, you can also use custom paper bags, which will have unexpected marketing effects.


  • How to customize paper bags? The process of custom paper bags


1. Find an experienced paper bag manufacturer;

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging is a professional custom packaging box manufacturer with numerous custom paper bag customer cases, we provide branded paper bags, laminated paper bags, high-grade kraft paper bags, high-grade kraft paper bags, laminated gift boxes, laminated gift bags, printing Pillow boxes, printed paper bags and printed tissues.


2. Determine the quantity, size, and type of paper that your company needs for paper bags;

Common Paper Bag Sizes

Oversized: 430mm (height) * 320mm (width) * 100mm (side)

Large size: 390mm (height) * 270mm (width) * 80mm (side)

Medium: 330mm (height) * 250mm (width) * 80mm (side)

Small size: 320mm (height) * 200mm (width) * 80mm (side)

Super small size: 270mm (height) * 180mm (width) * 80mm (side)

(If the size you need is not within this range, you can tell the custom paper bag manufacturer the size of your product, and the manufacturer can customize it according to your size)




3. Determine the paper bag design and printing process

Send your design to the manufacturer, or entrust the manufacturer to help you design, and determine which printing process your paper bag needs to use with the manufacturer.




4. Manufacturers make samples

After confirming the design, you can ask the manufacturer to make a sample. After you confirm that the sample is correct, you can ask the manufacturer to make mass paper bags (if you need to use paper bags urgently, you can also place mass order directly)


5. Place mass order

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