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Direct supply from the gift box factory and gift boxes manufacturer

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:04/20/2022

As we all known, Huaisheng is established in 2000, which has more than 20 years’ experience in the gift box packaging. Huaisheng is the leading supplier of the gift box factory and gift boxes manufacturer.


How many kinds of gift box packaging from Huaisheng gift box factory and gift boxes manufacturer?

1. Flower gift box

2. Wine gift box

3. Cosmetic gift box

4. Chocolate gift box


5. Perfume gift box

6. Jewelry gift box

7. Corrugated mailing boxes

8. Electric packaging box

9. Paper bags

10. Custom gift box


From the above, we known that Huaisheng has covered a wide range of the gift box packaging, which has involved in many aspects of the home industry. Except that, Huaisheng also provides the customized gift box(es) service, which is very flexible for the people who want to make some thing special in the daily life.


Huaisheng has the area of 3,000 square meters production line, which has the ability to product much more products in a short time, but with the quality products. 




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