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Corrugated box storage requirements: fireproof, moisture-proof, pressure-proof

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:05/24/2022

Corrugated boxes are the main force in logistics packaging materials, which mainly protect the safety of items in the logistics process. Although corrugated boxes have the advantages of environmental protection, simplicity, lightness, and moisture resistance, their shortcomings such as poor compression resistance, non-water resistance, and easy fire cannot be ignored. The shortcomings of corrugated boxes determine the strict storage requirements of corrugated boxes. Let's find out together here.


The first is fire protection. We know that corrugated boxes are extremely flammable and explosive products, and once they encounter an open flame, they are prone to fire. So, whether it is the production or storage of the carton, or the transportation! Fire safety is a key issue that we pay most attention to.


The second is the electrical safety of the carton storage place. The safety of electrical appliances is also very important. If the lines are old, the contactor is short-circuited, etc., if we are a little negligent, it will cause a fire. Therefore, when storing corrugated boxes, you should also stay away from all kinds of electrical appliances and wires. If you encounter the problem of aging lines, you must repair them in time to remove potential safety hazards as soon as possible.


Then there is the moisture problem. The cardboard of corrugated boxes is often produced with alkaline chemical materials, so corrugated boxes are particularly easy to absorb water and moisture. Once wet, it is easy to cause the corrugated boxes to become soft, and the items stored in the boxes are easy to be scrapped immediately. Therefore, the humidity of the storage environment of corrugated boxes is a problem. Be sure to pay attention.


Finally, pay attention to the way the cartons are stacked. When there are many corrugated boxes to be stored, many people always like to stack the boxes as high as possible in order to save space. Although this can save a little space, if the stacking is too high, it is easy to cause the carton to be deformed, which is not worth the loss.


In general, people should never keep it in the same area and pay more attention to environmental factors. Only by ensuring that the environmental factors meet the relevant requirements, such a carton will not be moldy or deformed during use, and can achieve the expected use effect and meet the product needs of consumers.



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