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Are there any other paper packaging materials besides corrugated paper?

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:05/18/2022

Generally speaking, the common paper packaging materials are corrugated paper, box board paper, white board paper, white cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, etc. Different paper types are used in different fields according to different needs, so as to play a role in the protectiveness of commodities. Paper packaging materials are widely used in production due to their low cost, suitability for mass mechanized production, good formability and foldability, recyclability, economy and environmental protection.


1. Container board paper is also known as kraft paper. Domestic container board paper is divided into three grades: superior product, first-class product and qualified product. The paper must have a tough texture, high burst resistance, high ring compressive strength and tear, in addition to high water resistance. The use of kraft paper is mainly to make corrugated boxes after bonding with corrugated paper cores, which are used to package household appliances, daily necessities and other outer packaging, and can also be used for envelopes, shopping bags, cement bags, etc.


2. Corrugated paper can be divided into seven categories: A pit, B pit, C pit, D pit, E pit, F pit, and G pit, among which A, B, C pits are generally used for outer packaging, D pits , E pit is generally used for small and medium packaging. Corrugated paper has the advantages of lightness and sturdiness, strong load and pressure resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, and low cost. Corrugated paper can be produced into corrugated cardboard, and then made into different styles of cartons according to customer orders. Single-sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a lining protective layer for commodity packaging or to make lightweight cardboards and pads to protect commodities from vibration or impact during storage and transportation; three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard is used for the production of commodities Packaging; seven-layer corrugated cardboard is mainly used to make packaging boxes for mechanical and electrical products, furniture, motorcycles, and large household appliances.


3. White cardboard is a single-layer or multi-layer combined paper that is completely made of bleached chemical pulping and fully sizing . Blue and white double-sided copper card paper: divided into card paper and copper card paper, card paper is mainly used for business cards, wedding invitations, postcards, etc.; Copper card paper is mainly used for book and magazine covers, postcards, cards, etc.. White-ground coated cardboard is mainly used to make more advanced carton and vacuum blister packaging, so the paper surface must have the characteristics of high whiteness, smooth paper surface, good ink acceptability, and good gloss. Grey bottom coated cardboard: bleached chemical pulp is used for the surface layer, and unbleached kraft pulp, groundwood pulp or clean waste paper is used for the core layer and bottom layer.


4. Gold and silver cards are a kind of special paper, which are mainly divided into two types: bright gold cards and dumb gold cards, bright silver cards and dumb silver cards. It is a foil medium with a layer of gold and silver on the basis of single copper paper or gray board paper. This material is not easy to absorb ink during printing, so a fast-drying ink should be used for printing. According to the packaging definition, UV transfer technology is used to coat a layer of UV oil on the surface of the paper through a blanket, and then the light column film or special pattern is transferred to the printing paper through a roller, so that the surface of the paper produces a light column with a laser-like appearance. In order to highlight the grade of printed packaging products, more and more customers choose to use gold and silver cards to print. This technology is widely used in cigarette boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and so on. It belongs to an emerging anti-counterfeiting technology in the current industry.




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