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New Design of Corrugated Mailing Boxes Ideas for Our Germany Clients

It was a happy and wonderful start for my colleague Lillian who found her first work in our company and met Ellen Brooks from Germany last September.

Ellen Brooks,the owner of a cosmetic company,found our website and sent Lillian an inquiry about their custom corrugated mailing boxes. At first,Ellen just had a rough idea about their product packaging, he was thinking of making a set of mailing box,inside one was normal black shipping paper box with flat top,outside was a tuck end top with easy and recyclable rip pull.All materials he wanted to use CCNB laminated flute paper which was cheap. But Lillian might first misunderstand his request for the outer box,so made him the sample with kraft paper laminated on flute paper.Of course,Ellen was so angry about this and needed some explanation from our side.

But when he got the sample and after we explained to him,the kraft paper was more expensive and recyclable than CCNB,he liked the new box and confirmed his first big order soon.See the first kraft box and black corrugated box sets we made for him last year:


  • New Design of Corrugated Mailing Boxes Ideas for Our Germany Clients 02
  • New Design of Corrugated Mailing Boxes Ideas for Our Germany Clients 03
  • New Design of Corrugated Mailing Boxes Ideas for Our Germany Clients 04


After the first cooperation,he was so satisfied with Lillian's service and our professional suggestions, soon gave his second and third order to us within three months.

But this year,he said he heard some complains from his workers in the warehouse that when they are packing their products into the boxes,it is a little time wasting to tear the sticker on the outside box since their orders from their customers become larger and larger.So it was necessary they need a new packaging solution which could avoid this problem.

After considering his request,we suggested him to make just one box but with inner tray to hold his products inside which can also protect his products during shipping.But how to make the inner tray and which material to use since his products are not the same sizes and shapes based on different customers' purchasing? EVA and PET are very good to cut the shape but very expensive and not so recyclable.Finally we made such a sample box tray for him which solved his problem,he called it a perfect idea.

Now Ellen becomes one of our long term business cooperators,and reorder very often. So if you have any packaging ideas or problem need to to solve,find us to be your expert.

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