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Custom pizza packaging box with logo wholesale

Custom pizza packaging box with logo wholesale

Pizza box is a packaging box for pizza, the main materials are white cardboard, corrugated paper and PP plastic.

We can provide customers with customized pizza boxes in different styles, sizes and materials. Customers can choose to use Pantone, CMYK or spot color printing, and we can print text, logos and patterns on the pizza box according to the design provided by the customer.

At present, food delivery has become more and more common. In order for your delicious pizza to be delivered without accidents, you need high-quality, airtight packaging to protect the food.


According to different materials, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. White cardboard pizza box: mainly 250G white cardboard and 350G white cardboard;

2. Corrugated pizza box: Micro corrugated (from high to short according to the corrugated height) are E corrugated, F corrugated, G corrugated, N corrugated, O corrugated, and E corrugated is a kind of micro corrugated;

3. PP plastic pizza box: the main material is PP plastic.


According to different sizes, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. 6-inch/7-inch pizza box: length 20cm*width 20cm*height 4.0cm;

2. 8-inch/9-inch pizza box: length 24cm* width 24cm* height 4.5cm;

3. 10-inch corrugated pizza box: length 28cm*width 28cm*height 4.5cm;

4. 10-inch white cardboard pizza box: length 26.5cm*width 26.5cm*height 4.5cm;

5. 12-inch corrugated pizza box: length 32.0cm*width 32.0cm*height 4.5cm.


1. The 250G white cardboard pizza box is the most commonly used on the market. This pizza box can meet the needs of general pizza restaurants. If it is for takeaway, it will be relatively weak;

2. The thickened 350G white cardboard pizza box is mainly used for takeaway. The stiffness of this pizza box is much better than that of 250G white cardboard, which can fully meet the needs of pizza restaurants for takeout;

3. The corrugated pizza box is the one with the best stiffness among the pizza boxes. The most commonly used on the market is the 3-layer E tile. This type of pizza box can also be used as takeaway packaging, and its characteristic is that it is not easy to be soft.

A variety of shipping methods are available, when you place an order for a custom pizza box, we will arrange production for you as quickly as possible.

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How to customize pizza box?

To customize the packaging box, you must first determine the materials you need to use. The main materials used to make pizza packaging boxes are white cardboard, corrugated paper and PP plastic.

After confirming the material, inform the box customization manufacturer of the size of the pizza box you need, as well as the text and logo to be printed on the box (if you have a design draft file in PSD format or AI format, you can send it directly to the manufacturer).

The manufacturer will design according to your design draft. After the design is completed, if you are satisfied with the design, you can ask the manufacturer to make samples for you.

Finally, you can place an order to mass-produce your exclusive pizza box.


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