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Advantages of magnetic packaging boxes

  • source:magnetic boxes supplier
  • Time:12/02/2022

Paper packaging boxes have the characteristics of environmental protection, low cost, and large-scale production, and have been widely used in commodity packaging. According to different structures, paper packaging boxes can be divided into folding boxes, book-shaped boxes, drawer boxes, base and lids boxes and so on. The magnet box is one of the book-shaped boxes. This article introduces the advantages of the magnet packaging box.

  • What is a magnetic box

A magnet box is a rigid packaging box for high-value products with a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing. The magnet box is usually divided into two parts, the inner layer is cardboard, and the cardboard material is relatively hard, which is used as the skeleton of the whole box. The outer layer is coated paper or art paper, and customers can print text or logos on it according to their own needs.




  • Advantages of magnetic packaging boxes

The magnet box can be fully unfolded into a board, which can save storage space during transportation, thereby reducing transportation costs;

The paper used to make the magnet box is hard cardboard, which has a relatively high safety performance and can well protect the goods in the box;

Compared with the folding box, the magnet box is more exquisite and beautiful, and can improve the texture of the product.


  • Industry application of magnetic packaging box

For some high-value products, magnet box packaging is very suitable. For example, for red wine and cosmetic sets, if it is a magnet box for such products, a sponge inner tray or EVA inner tray should be placed inside the box to fix the red wine to prevent bumping; high-end dresses, shoes and other products are also commonly used in magnet box packaging.




If you want to know more information about magnet packing box, welcome to contact us. As an experienced packaging box customization manufacturer, we have a wealth of customer cases for your reference, and advanced production equipment can meet your design needs to the greatest extent.

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