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A Better Solution for Electronic Packaging Boxes

Here is a story told from our customer Darin who customized a large quantity of electronic packaging boxes from our factory and he is very satisfied with the new solution we provided for his USB packaging:

When I first met Abby, the brilliant sales girl from HS Packaging was on October, 2016. I sent her our old packaging photos and hope she can offer some new ideas to update our device packaging boxes. Unexpected, she recommended such a great idea about the magnetic paper box style, especially for the foam inlay. Below please find our old packaging (on the left) and updated personalised paper box packaging (on the right) from dear Abby.


  • A Better Solution for Electronic Packaging Boxes 02
  • A Better Solution for Electronic Packaging Boxes 03


With the new paper box packaging idea, when customer open the box lid, they can get such a luxury expression that our products placed in the high end foam tray perfectly. And when they get out of our product and foam tray, they can see the little booklet and USB cable under it. This is fabulous, right?  My team and I are thoroughly impressed with what your guys did. You guys did a really awesome job, we are very grateful!! We will be ordering more of these very soon!

Story may be write short, but our cooperation will last long.I am really glad to hear that Darin and his team loved our electronic packaging boxes solution provide for them.That’s more than pleasure for just getting an order from clients. Contact us for more solutions about the paper gift boxes now, and hope you will be the next one who love our packaging ideas.

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