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What is pharmaceutical packaging?The function of the pharmaceutical packaging box?

  • source:custom packaging boxes manufacturer
  • Time:03/13/2023

Pharmaceutical packaging is an item that provides protection, display, identification, introduction and ease of use for pharmaceuticals. The packaging of pharmaceuticals is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging materials should have pharmaceutical packaging materials, barrier properties, good safety performance, suitable Excellent processing performance and good economic performance, let's take a look at pharmaceutical packaging with the editor.


Inner packaging refers to the packaging that is in direct contact with the drug, such as ampoules, injection bottles, aluminum foil, etc. The inner packaging should ensure the quality of the drug during production, transportation, storage and use, and be convenient for medical use. For changes in the inner packaging materials and containers (drug packaging materials) of drugs, stability tests should be carried out according to the materials of the selected drug packaging materials to investigate the compatibility of the drug packaging materials and drugs.


The outer packaging refers to the packaging other than the inner packaging, which is divided into medium packaging and large packaging from the inside to the outside. The outer packaging should be non-breakable packaging according to the characteristics of the drug, so as to ensure the quality of the drug during transportation, storage and use.


pharmaceutical packaging


What are the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging materials


1. Certain mechanical properties


The packaging material should be able to effectively protect the product, so it should have certain strength, toughness and elasticity, etc., to adapt to the influence of static and dynamic factors such as pressure, shock and vibration.


2. Barrier performance


According to different requirements for product packaging, packaging materials should have a certain resistance to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aroma, odor, heat, etc.


3. Good safety performance


The toxicity of the packaging material itself should be low, so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; the packaging material should be non-corrosive, and have properties such as insect-proof, moth-proof, rodent-proof, and microbial inhibition to protect product safety.


4. Suitable processing performance


Packaging materials should be easy to process and easy to make into various packaging containers. They should be easy to mechanize and automate packaging operations to adapt to large-scale industrial production. They should be suitable for printing and easy to print packaging signs.


5. Good economic performance


Packaging materials should come from a wide range of sources, be easily obtained, and have low cost. After use, packaging materials and packaging containers should be easy to handle without polluting the environment or causing public nuisance.


pharmaceutical packaging box


What is the function of the pharmaceutical packaging box


1. Protection of pharmaceutical products


During the circulation process of pharmaceutical products from the factory to the user, they have to go through multiple transportation and storage links. During the transportation process, there will be damage such as vibration, extrusion, collision, sun exposure, rain, etc., and they will encounter insects during the storage process. , rat bites, corrosion, etc. Even in the hands of the user, there are still storage requirements from the beginning of use to the end of use. Therefore, there must be a good packaging box to protect the medicine from damage.


2. Easy to transport, carry and store


Pharmaceutical products have different forms such as gaseous, solid, and liquid, and their physical and chemical properties are also different. Some are poisonous, some are corrosive, and some are volatile, flammable, and explosive; , Most of the time it is stored in the warehouse (from the warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory to the warehouse of the wholesale, retail enterprise or medical unit), which requires frequent transportation, loading and unloading, and these are only easy to transport, carry and store with proper packaging. The vast majority of pharmaceutical products need to be protected from moisture, light, and heat during storage, and some special drugs need to be protected from shock and explosion during transportation. Drugs and dangerous goods in special medicines need special packaging. Good packaging can keep the quality of pharmaceutical products unchanged during the entire circulation process, thereby ensuring the realization of their use value.


3. Guide consumption, easy to use


There are texts and patterns printed on the pharmaceutical packaging boxes, the main purpose is to introduce product performance and precautions, such as key information such as usage, storage conditions, indications, and applicable groups, which can play a role in facilitating use and guiding consumption.


4. Beautify products and promote sales


After the product is packaged, it is often not the product itself but the packaging of the product that first enters the consumer's sight. Unique, refined and beautiful packaging boxes can enhance the beauty of the product, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and play the role of a silent salesman. According to a survey by a British market research company, women who go shopping in supermarkets usually buy 45% more than planned purchases on the spot because they are attracted by packaging and decoration. Therefore, the function of packaging is more focused on enhancing the attractiveness of products and promoting sales.


5. Deepen the impression of the company and brand


The inherent quality of commodities is the basis of competitiveness in the commodity market, but if a high-quality product is not matched with a high-quality packaging, its competitiveness in the market will be weakened. A good packaging box can complement a good product and deepen consumers' impression of pharmaceutical brands and pharmaceutical companies.


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