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eye-prots: Recycled Elegant Brand Gift Packaging Box

Inventor of the eye-prots

eye-prots is the brand of riding goggles founded by Peter. The products of eye-prots can keep your eyes free from sweat: droplets that form on your head or forehead are drained to the outside. So they can no longer run into the eyes and irritate them. 


eye-protspackaging boxes for riding goggles


The marvelous fate between HS packaging & eye-prots

The CEO of eye-prots, named Peter, scanned our website on 2022, and searched magnetic boxes for fashion items.

The first time the customer was attracted by the box above our website, later I showed INSERT to the customer, the customer said exactly what he wanted, so the customer wanted a cheaper price, the customer at the same time for 3 suppliers to do the box, later is also the box we did upload to his website above.


After the customer received the box he immediately went to various countries to promote it and was very satisfied and immediately chose us among three suppliers again because the quality of our boxes was very high and my customer trusted our company to make the boxes for him.


packaging boxes made for eye-prots


Why cooperate with Huai Sheng and become their loyal customer


Because for each box, we will have special workers wipe the glue, pack each box with an OPP bag, and pack the box with 5 layers of cartons, the most important thing is that we can pack the box with a pallet for customers for free if you are our loyal customers, we will also give the free box to customers, don't hesitate to choose us, we have an excellent team to customize packaging for you!


We had a long and successful partnership, and the client was thankful for all the help they had received. They were able to achieve their goals and grow their business with the help of our company.


QC of packaging boxes factory


How our cooperation is going on with the eye-prots company?


We have been working with eye-prots for 2 years, we know the requirements of eye-prots for quality, we know what type of packaging eye-prots wants, and we will update every production link to customers in time, so that customers understand the progress, so that customers trust us more, to do a good job for customers every service, together with sustainable development, continue to provide customers with beautiful packaging.

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