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Gift Boxes

full printing Christmas gift box
new creative folding gift box
paper box with lid
paper box with lid for gift packaging

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd is the China’s highest cost-effective custom gift box factory, supplier, manufacturer, offering competitive price and high quality paper gift boxes. Such as Christmas gift box, folding gift box, pen gift box, wedding dress gift box, etc. Especially those rigid gift boxes with lids which are commonly used for all kinds of gift packaging,can be customized in any size, color and logo. You can see paper gift boxes with lid style used in many industry for packaging, for example, cosmetic packaging, electronic packaging, jewelry packaging, flower packaging, wine packaging as well as chocolate packaging. It is the most cheapest box style among custom made gift box and gift packaging boxes styles. Guangzhou Huaisheng PackagingCo., Ltd. is the China’s highest cost-effective custom gift box manufacturer, supplier, factory, offering competitive price and high quality products, including Christmas gift box, folable gift box, pen gift box, wedding dress gift box,etc.


Cosmetic Gift Box

cheaper palette box
custom gift box for essential oil packaging
paper sliding box
custom paper box for hair extension packaging

Cosmetic gift box or skincare products gift box is one of our main products.They all handmade rigid boxes made by our own paper box supplier, factory. They can be made in any shape and we can customised paper gift box, such as book shaped beauty box, cylinder perfume box,hexagon bottle box,magnetic essential oil box,sliding hair extension box and so on. We usually divide cosmetic gift boxes into beauty box, essential oil box, and hair extension box for their different use.Despite the boxes, we also provide all kinds of box inserts to protect the cosmetic products inside.We provide one-stop services from designing to shipment so buyers can save a lot of time and money to promote their products sales. For famous cosmetic brands, we have cooperated with Sabon,Pinrose and other companies from all over the world. Cosmetic gift box or skincare gift box is one of our main  products. They all handmade rigid boxes made by our own factory. They can be made in any shape, such as book shaped beauty box, cylinder perfume box,hexagon bottle box and so on. We usually divide cosmetic gift boxes into beauty box, essential oil box, and hair extension box. Despite the boxes, we also provide all kinds of inserts in order to protect the products inside.


Wine Gift Box

custom wine boxes
rigid wine boxes
wine paper box manufacturer
custom wine packaging box

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,ltd is a custom wine paper box factory, supplier and manufacturer.We are in printing and packaging industry for more than 18 years.And we have cooperated with many famous wine brand company abroad, such as Cooler Swan. They place orders in each season. And each year, we will make new design wine paper boxes for them to promote their new arrival wine brands.We can provide different kinds of wine gift packaging,such as magnetic wine box, tube wine box,wine paper box with lid,book style wine box and other unique style of wine box.We can provide various kinds of box inserts for wine bottle protection as well as box itself.Take all these wine box samples for reference below.


Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolates are contemplated to be a symbol of love, sweetness and happiness. It is popular among people of all ages and genres. Chocolate is not only a favorite food item, it also serves as a wonderful festive gift for your loved ones. A good quality and artistically designed Chocolate Box amplifies and enriches the fascination and glamour of this enraptured gift. Any custom sizes and shapes of chocolate gift boxes are available in HS™ chocolate gift box factory, supplier.

Flower Gift Box

custom velvet flower box
pink velvet flower box
different sizes of flower gift boxes
square flower gift box

High quality and handmade flower gift box factory, supplier,manufacturer in China.Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,ltd.can suggest you the most popular sizes, colors and styles. We have new skills of making custom flower packaging boxes compared with other suppliers.The flower boxes we made now are all perfect looking and water-proof.


Perfume Gift Box

cylinder tube perfume box
paper rigid perfume box
custom paper box for perfume bottle packaging
black perfume packaging box with gold foil

Are you looking for some luxury and rigid perfume gift box for your perfume packaging?We are a custom perfume gift box supplier & manufacturer who make the perfume packaging boxes have the characteristics of rigid enough, protective enough and strong sense of design.


Jewelry Gift Boxes

sliver hot stamping custom ring box
cheaper watch box
jewelry set box
red box

Find custom jewelry gift box supplier, factory here.We provide paper jewelry box, plastic jewelry box in different sizes and designs.Some popular styles including book shaped jewelry box,paper sliding jewelry box,jewelry box with lid and so on. There are also some normal sizes for ring box, bracelet box,necklace box or earring box.


Custom Gift Box

custom gift box supplier
black square box
customized shoe box

In our factory, we have die cutting machines to die cut the cardboard into any mould, so we can make any kinds of custom made gift paper boxes.Usually the basic styles including collapsible paper box, hexagon paper boxes,magnetic paper boxes,paper box with lid,round paper box,sliding paper boxes and tube paper box and so on. All the custom paper boxes are made by our handmade worker in our own factoty which makes our handmade rigid box price very competitive in the market.


Corrugated Mailing Boxes

gloss lamination 4 + 0C shoe square box
white shipping and mailing box with logo for sales
luxury corrugated box
drawer box

What is the most useful, cheap and favor packaging boxes for online shop business? The answer is corrugated mailing box. Huaisheng corrugated mailing box factory provide custom design service, so you can make it as a gift look, or just a brown kraft recyclable look. All depends on your purpose and budget.This corrugated paper boxes can be used for shipping purpose,packing purpose or protective purpose.


Electronic Packaging Box

corrugated box supplier
shirt box
top and based box
custom bluetooth box

Find Electronic Packaging Box manufacturer from China. We offer your factory price custom boxes but with high quality. We provide the services from design concept through to prototyping and into full production.All the imagination you have on your product packaging,we can make them into reality.


Paper Bags

gift shopping bag
custom printing gift bag

GuangZhou Huaisheng Packaging CO., Ltd is a professional paper bags supplier, factory who specialized in customizing high quality paper bags for more than 18 years.We provide a wide range of Luxury Paper Bags samples for reference,as well as the bags sizes.


Printing knowledge that must be known

1. Printing is divided into offset, flexo, silk screen, gravure printing.

2. What is generous paper, positive paper, special paper? The large paper refers to the size of 1194 * 889 paper, the positive degree is 1092 * 787, the special paper refers to special specifications of the paper, the general paper mills Cut the paper into a large degree of positiveness, or cut into special specifications according to the customer's needs. In addition, the brightness of the printing factory after the light side is generally 1190 * 880, the positive degree is 1090 * 780. If the design is wrong or require special layout must be greeted in advance with the factory, otherwise, it will be opened according to the size.

3. What is a spot color and what is a four-color? Spot color refers to a specific color. When a spot color is printed, it is not a color synthesized by printing four colors of C, M, Y, and K, but a type of color is used exclusively by specific ink to print the color. Spot color inks are pre-mixed by the printing house or produced by the ink factory. For each spot color of a print, there is a special color version corresponding to the print. Use spot colors to make colors more accurate. Such as: special funds, special silver, and so on. Four colors refer to CMYK mode printing colors.

4. How to do a large area of black: a large area of black is best to pad a 30-40 blue color, or a similar 30-40 dark color can also be because in theory, black pressure any color is equal to black. The goal is to prevent printing from being dark enough and appearing white spots.

5. Resolution for printing: generally 300 DPI. Of course, the higher the clarity.

6. What is bleeding: This is actually very simple, but there are still many people do not know what it means, the purpose of bleeding is to ensure accurate die cutting, ordinary paper is generally 3mm, corrugated generally 5-7mm. Due to mistakes in design and imposition, bleeding can be less, but must be more than 1.5mm.

7. The minimum size of hot stamping silver: generally guaranteed to be 0.3mm, good technology can be between 0.1-0.2. Huaisheng Packaging focuses on printing for 22 years and is a one-stop printing service enterprise before, after printing and after printing. The company has a first-class professional design team, advanced imported printing equipment, providing a full range of marketing materials, personalized custom services.


What do you know about CMYK colors that you must know in real life?

When we step into the mall, a variety of sleek, colorful and colorful goods will be displayed in front of us. For designers, the use of rich colors in packaging design makes the products more attractive. Because people have a natural sensibility for colorful goods.

Colorful product packaging box

The CMYK color mode we use most often in various printed products.

So what is CMYK?

CMYK is also known as the print color mode, which is used to print color maps.

The difference between it and RGB: RGB mode is a kind of illuminating color mode, which is mainly expressed in the form of printed color map and color map on the screen.

RGB mode

CMYK is a color mode that relies on reflection. How do we read the contents of a newspaper? It is illuminated by sunlight or light, and then reflected into our eyes to see the content. It needs to have an external light source, such as you can't read newspapers in a dark room.

As long as the image displayed or printed on the screen is in RGB mode. As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is expressed in CMYK mode. For example, colored paper boxes, paper bags, paper tags, etc. are all printed, so it is CMYK mode.

Tote bag CMYK mode

The difference between CMYK and spot color

1. CMYK - namely four colors of cyan, magenta (magenta), yellow and black, each color value is 0-100. In printing, these four colors can usually be combined into thousands of colors, most typical It is a picture book and a color leaflet.

Cosmetic box CMYK mode


2, Pantone color - refers to the printing of a specific color ink or pre-mixed ink to print a specific color, printing is a spot color for the individual printing, the printed color accuracy is high. For example, many high-end brands of boxes, paper bags, and tags often print one or two spot colors, which are simple, consistent in color, and tall.


What is the color printing?

1,What is pantone color printing?

It refers to colored yellow, magenta, and blue. A printing process in which other colors of black ink are used to copy the original color. In the box printing, a large-color background color is often printed by a spot color printing process.

2,What is full-color printing?

The general packaging full-color printing refers to a color process that uses yellow, magenta, cyan primary color inks and black ink to copy color originals.

3,Why is the printed matter different from what the computer displays?

This is a problem with computer monitors, and the color value of each monitor is different. Especially the liquid crystal display. Compare two of our company's computers: one with a red color of two hundred and the other with a black color of 10, which is actually printed the same.

Do you know how to make the rigid boxes?


Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,ltd. which specializes in customizing paper gift boxes services for more than 18 years. Developed in helping clients to create new packaging to enhance their brands. With competitive price and high quality,the products made in Huaisheng are expected to used all over the world.Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift box, perfume gift box, chocolate gift box, jewelry gift box, corrugated mailing box, flower gift boxes, electronic packaging box etc..

How to make custom foldable gift box?


By precise calculation and skilled hand job, we make custom foldable gift box sample within 5 days; If blank sample required, only 1 day is enough. Foldable gift box is mainly made of paperboard + art paper. One type is the one with magnetic closure, the other one is with ribbon closure. With or without 4 edges double sided tapes, it directly effects the price. We need confirm size, color design and quantity to offer price quotation. Foldable gift box has 2 obvious advantages: 1. Easily folded to be flat so relieving storage volume; 2. Folded boxes for delivery can save shipping costs. This kind packaging is popularly applied for apparel industry, beauty industry, ect.. If you have any demand or question, pls find us here!

Drawer Box Making Tutorial


Every box making process is completed by many steps. Today we would like to introduce the process of making the drawer box. It's just for electronics packaging. Our sample production master is very professional in making the box, learn more from the video. If you need to order, welcome to contact us by following detail ↓↓↓

How To Make Lid & Base Box By Hand?


The most commonly used box should be lid & base box which was combined by 2 parts. There is an unique technology during such box making, that is how to make sure the base box can slide apart from lid smoothly. Just imagine the Iphone like box, you can understand it. Lid & base boxes can be classified as 3 types as well: lid fully cover the base, lid partial cover the base, lid & base with border in the middle. The worldwide people usually use gift box with lid which can be open easily, simple and cheap comparatively as well. For more informations about such box, please send us inquiry or make a phone call directly. We are factory for custom gift boxes making and accept MOQ 500pcs/model.

Book shape packaging box


The future development trend of book-type packaging boxes mainly has the following aspects: sustainability. The 21st century is a century of environmental protection, and people are working on new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. The innovations in packaging materials are as follows: the insulation, shockproof, anti-shock and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; in the design, we strive to reduce the materials that are not easily decomposed in the later stage for packaging, and try to use light weight and small size. A material that is easily crushed or separated.

The new favorite of perfume gift box manufacturers is not very willing to promote the match


I believe that some small partners who have been looking for a packaging factory to cooperate with the perfume box will find that in addition to the design of the box itself, in fact, there is a lot of knowledge in the internal support, choose some suitable crafts on the internal support or it is more unexpected Matching, will gain unexpected praise effect, then Xiaobian today to introduce to you, at present, perfume gift box manufacturers will generally do some sort of matching technology on the internal support, or mainstream


Now the perfume gift box manufacturers mainstream Neto is undoubtedly the eva material, many small partners in the past news introduction, understand why the gift box is so much to choose eva, his protection and viewing are very high, In addition to being rough and rough, it basically meets most of the requirements of the current perfume box factory, and is also very popular among merchants and consumers, so eva is increasingly sought after, which is also the current market environment of eva.

Then in recent years, slowly there is a process mix, it began to rise and compete with eva, that is, some pvc or hard plastic inside, and then a layer of flocking up, perfume gift box manufacturers found that this process can be very To make up for eva's tactile problems, and the cost of eva itself is relatively high. If a layer of flocking is used, it will appear to be a bit too expensive, so this is why this process can occur. Perfume box manufacturers This kind of practice can improve the quality of hard rubber, or do some card slots, and produce a physical lock with the product, fix the product, safety factor, although it will not exceed eva, but it can also reach the level of beauty, aesthetics, The visual effect of flocking is not inferior to eva. The cost of the two processes is also poor compared with eva. The most important thing is that he perfects the tactile flaws, so he can slowly be in the eva market to get a place.



Nine common problems in on-site management of printing workshops

PROBLEM 1: Management is confusing and production and storage are not separated. In order to save convenience, some enterprises store the raw paper and printed paper in the printing workshop. The production workshop is also a raw material warehouse and a finished product warehouse. The production and storage are mixed, and some even have production workshops, storage warehouses and employee dormitory located in the same building.

PROBLEM 2: The channel is not smooth and the materials are illegally stacked. Some enterprises have unreasonable layouts, and no special warehouses have been set up. Raw materials, finished products, and production wastes are piled up everywhere, blocking fire-fighting passages, and illegal evacuation of personnel has caused great difficulties.

PROBLEM 3:Excessive storage of hazardous chemicals. The inks used in printing, the gasoline used in cleaning printing equipment, and the thinners used in blending inks are all flammable hazardous chemicals, but many companies do not have special warehouses, which are placed in the corner of the workshop, and the amount is relatively large. The scrubbing equipment and the rag of the drum are randomly littered. Once an open flame is encountered, the consequences are unimaginable.

PROBLEM 4: Insufficient fire-fighting equipment and inadequate maintenance. In some enterprises, the fire-fighting equipment is not well-equipped, and the location is not in compliance with the requirements. For example, the fire-fighting device is too high in suspension and inconvenient to use. The fire extinguisher configuration does not match the type of fire, and the items in front of the fire hydrant are not stacked. They are not compliance with fire protection requirements.

PROBLEM 5: Wires and electrical appliances do not meet the requirements. The wires in the printing workshop are not set up in the casing, and the explosion-proof lamps are not used. The phenomenon that the electrical wires are randomly connected is common, and there are many temporary lines, especially the placement of the sockets is disorderly, as well as high-power lighting fixtures and paper. The spacing of combustibles is not enough, and combustible materials are stacked under the electrical appliances.

PROBLEM 6: There are situations where an open flame is used. In winter, the temperature dropped, and many employees in the printing workshop placed heating equipment for heating (such as electric stoves, briquettes, etc.), and some employees were more likely to smoke in the printing workshop.

PROBLEM 7: The workshop is not well ventilated. In the production process, ink, thinner and paper itself will volatilize a lot of irritating gases, some of which are toxic and explosive gases, but most enterprises do not have ventilation and ventilation systems. When the weather is cold, the doors and windows are often closed. The working environment of the personnel is extremely poor.

PROBLEM 8: The forklift is used as the main tool for carrying paper in the printing factory. The motor vehicle driving in the factory belongs to special operations, and the driver basically has not obtained the special operation qualification certificate.

PROBLEM 9: The main printing equipment casing and control cabinet are not grounded, and it is easy to form electrostatic accumulation discharge and electric shock. Most enterprises do not install leakage protectors.


But don’t worry, we Huaisheng Packaging avoids all these problems with right rules and settlements. Welcome to visit us in Guangzhou. You will never regret that you choose us to be your printing and packaging supplier from China.


Guangzhou box customize packaging boxes service which is strong
Excellent quality
Huaisheng Packaging, located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, is the preferred packaging box customization factory for brand cosmetics and gifts, wine boxes, etc., and OEM ODM for more than ten years. In the processing and production of packaging boxes for more than 10 years, we have summed up our own set of special production and processing processes to ensure customer quality and delivery speed. This year, Huaisheng editor introduced to you the factors that are included in the factory with strong packaging service.
Strong development ability and novel style
In recent years, the Nationals have special needs for the packaging box, just like the quality is required before, and the style is neglected. Today's consumers focus on quality and style. Therefore, when looking for a box customization factory, there are many things to compare, factory establishment time, factory scale, factory design capability, factory operation status, factory certification, and after-sales service, etc. Start by analyzing which box factory has strength. If you start from these aspects, you are still worried about suggesting that you go to the comprehensive investigation, and what you see is the most real.
Scale strength, create quality
The packaging box is customized to find Huaiyin in Guangzhou. For more than 10 years, we have focused on the development and production of various fine packaging boxes. Our own factory, 5,000 square meters of production plants and more than 100 production staff, and more than 80% of the old staff's rich production experience and advanced production equipment combined, trained our high-quality and exquisite products, has been Well-known brands are selected as excellent suppliers. Tonghui custom packaging box is very professional! The service is particularly strong!
Packing box
24-hour service customers, if you are interested in the above box customization or have questions, please contact our online customer service, or consult +86 02029033950, Huaisheng packaging - your intimate purchasing consultant.


Why do Guangzhou high-end gift box packaging factories rarely make small quantity of packaging boxes?
Guangzhou high-end gift box packaging factory often receives orders of a small quantity of packaging boxes, but sometimes it is very difficult. It's good to pick up or not. Because it is customized, it needs to be designed, proofed and then produced. And if the number is small, the cost per box is high. The proofing of the box is not only very complicated but also costly. The cost of proofing is also included in the total price of high-end gift boxes. Therefore, the proofing fee of Guangzhou high-end gift box packaging factory has a great influence on the price of small batch packaging.
Why does Guangzhou high-end gift box packaging factory rarely make small batches of packaging boxes?
There is also a printing fee. No matter what the quantity is, the printing costs are the same. Therefore, when the small batch package is customized, the printing fee is very expensive. The second version of the cost of the knife is the same, these are the same regardless of how much the cost is constant, and small batches of boxes will occupy a large proportion of customization, the price impact is great. In the end, it is the manual fee. If it is a large quantity, it will generally be out of the mold. When the small batch is customized, the mold is not worthwhile, and it can only be packaged by hand, so the cost will increase a lot. It can be seen that the price factors affecting the small-volume packaging box of Guangzhou high-end gift box packaging factory are printing fee, printing fee, plate fee and manual fee, and material cost is the least affected. This is also why the small batch packaging is more expensive.
Therefore, Huaisheng Packaging Factory recommends that the high-end gift box packaging factory package custom-made economical quantity: 1000 ordinary gift boxes, 2000 folding boxes, 5000 color boxes, 1000 color boxes, the number of specific orders will be negotiated by both parties. The order quantity is set to ensure the stable operation of the production and the lower cost sharing. In theory, the quantity can be customized, but the quantity is too small for the customer and our cost will be relatively high, so generally only the customer really needs or orders. Small orders are accepted in the case of an idle period.
Bespoke paper box

As a common form of packaging, paper packaging is widely used in the packaging field due to its advantages of easy folding, easy forming, easy bonding and low cost. The bespoke paper box has its own unique design. The novel design and the perfect packaging function are easy to attract consumers' curiosity and desire to purchase. The personalized box design is increasingly popular among consumers and can cater to the market demand.

As a common form of packaging, paper packaging is widely used in the packaging field due to its advantages of easy folding, easy forming, easy bonding and low cost. The bespoke paper box has its own unique design. The novel design and the perfect packaging function are easy to attract consumers' curiosity and desire to purchase. The personalized box design is increasingly popular among consumers and can cater to the market demand.

The current gift packaging is also the same as the design of clothing and art, paying attention to personalization, aesthetics and creativity. Various product developers have also worked hard on product packaging. Designers are invited to design packaging products. I hope that when the products are on the market, they will grasp the eyes of consumers and stimulate their desire to purchase. Packaging design is for the consumer, from the perspective of consumer use, preferences is the most basic starting point for packaging design.

Custom printed boxes
Create custom packaging and choose your custom box style

Every custom box we create is made just for you. You can customize every inch of your box design inside and out, while our state of the art printing ensures you'll love the quality of your finished packaging boxes.


What Makes Packaging Eco-Friendly?


Premium Quality Custom Boxes

Looking for high-end Custom Boxes made especially with your merchandise in mind? My Box Printing is your most dependable and high-tech company providing a huge range of Custom Packaging made from long-lasting substances with any required field or printing customizations as well. We supply pinnacle pleasant personalized boxes in all sizes, colors, and printing finish picks to fit your particular set of necessities that also make your merchandise sell a good deal higher via captivating designs and secure packaging. Why wait? Make a bold announcement with simply the right packaging finished with the special floor experience and head-turning designs.


Short Run Custom Packaging with Unique Styles

My Box Printing specializes in speedy and sufficient short-run packaging in many unique styles. Our packaging packing containers are purposefully made for the precise merchandise they are required to package deal and are handy in the widest range of unique styles, designs, shapes, and finishes. Not solely do we supply all sorts of retail, storage and Shipping Boxes, our high tech equipment additionally ensures some of the most durable and long lasting packaging with high-end substances like Corrugated Boxes or processed Cardboard Boxes that are perfect for even the most fragile products when selected in the proper cloth grade factors with secure customization together with foam or plastic inserts or Double Sided Boxes.


High-Quality Offset Printing For Custom Printed Boxes


My Box Printing has been serving the printing and packaging industry for pretty some time now. Our high-tech and advanced offset printing approach supply long-lasting correct printed designs and some of the most pleasing Custom Printed Boxes that can help your manufacturer and merchandise with shelf advertisement and boosted sales with attention-grabbing finishes. Our Custom Printed Boxes additionally use the current CMYK coloration model that mixes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black hues to deliver herbal searching prints and eye-pleasing designs for every single of our delivered Custom Boxes. Why settle for less? Get exceptional in category Custom Printed Boxes from My Box Printing at low priced prices that can assist your enterprise develop exponentially boosting your sales and enjoyable your customers with fascinating designs and unique feel of touch. For all your Gift Boxes and other fancy stunning Custom Packaging, we additionally have unique printing customization picks which include raised ink printing, embossing or debossing. Gold, silver or any other fascinating shade foil stamping can also be furnished where required.



Huaisheng gift packaging box suppliers can custom packaging can turn your brand into the total package with full customization, instant quoting, and fast turnarounds.

Gift boxes michaels

An exquisite present presentation can go properly beyond the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows you commonly suppose of. The right present field can maintain your provides safe and concealed, and be incredible all on their own. Large or small, lidded or open, specialized packing containers for present cards, rings present containers michaels, and wine and packing containers made for specific activities like weddings - Huaisheng packaging has each and every type of gift field you need to make your gifts as large of a surprise as possible.


Good matters come in stunning programs designed simply for the occasion. They make a big impression of whether you use them one by one or as a grouped presentation. So colorful and rather - all you have to do is add ribbon and tie a bow!


Start to customize your personalized packaging boxes is a great way to expand your business and enhance your brand recognition to customers. Small gift boxes with lids, sliding paper box, PVC plastic jewelry boxes are the perfect choices if you want to print logo on your gift boxes michaels.


What's new for this custom jewelry gift boxes michaels with a lid?


1. We used black fancy paper which looks similar to the black PU, however, the cost is more cost-effective than PU. So that is why we can maintain a competitive fee however also make luxury earrings boxes.


2.Inside the lid, we put a small LED light. When human beings open the ring box, they will be thrilled and amazed by means of the light of the ring. What's more, it makes the ring itself extra brilliant with the lighting.

Gift boxes wholesale

Gift Boxes: Gift boxes wholesale in Huaisheng Packaging

When a bag actually might not do an item justice, gift packaging boxes are an ideal solution. These containers are used by way of jewelers, gift shops, toy boutiques, clothing stores, wine store, flower store, and even sweet retail outlets to defend items. Find the best gift boxes wholesale is your best solution.

Gift boxes are the ideal packaging for any product, they come in all shapes and sizes to meet any need. Boxes provide extra safety then a normal gift bag and have the introduced gain of stacking nicely.

Huaisheng gift boxes wholesale supplier offers thousands of boxes for your enterprise or non-public wishes at wholesale prices. We offer a giant range of products from gift boxes, flower gift box, earrings boxes, clear boxes, wine boxes, perfume gift box, paper bags, corrugated mailing box and beyond. Whatever your presentation and packaging needs, we offer nice packing boxes at least expensive prices. We have the best packaging boxes for your special situation.

Quality gift boxes wholesale

When you buy fine bulk present containers from us, you are acknowledging your customers deserve the very best. No matter the gifting occasion or individual receiving the gift, our broad determination of customized present bins ensures that there’s a fit for everyone, whole with wholesale pricing for your business. If you want help finding that perfect gift box, our customer provider is constantly prepared to assist you to find the nice products, so you can center of attention on giving your customers what they need.

Selecting present boxes for your business

There are many elements to think about before buying bulk present boxes for your business. You would possibly be getting present containers wholesale, but you won’t want to sacrifice fashion and fine for the sake of bulk cut-price pricing. There are many choices when choosing present bins for your business, so before you begin shopping, you will favor having firm thinking of the variety of gift field sizes and substances available. Do you favor an ornamental gift field with lid in a solid color, or perchance an easy-to-assemble one-piece kraft box? Once you understand if you prefer small or giant present bins and have narrowed down the substances you prefer, you can pick particular shades and patterns to first-class match your business. You can get your business logo printed properly on your boxes, or order a custom label that can be used on present bins of any size. If you’ve determined on a simple shade and fashion of gift box, you can always figure out to use gift wrap or different decorative factors to costume up the look of your package.

Custom Decorative Gift Boxes: More Ideas

While a custom gift field is a stunning and realistic way to grant something more for your customer, you can take it a step further with different ornamental wrapping options.

Shop with us today and locate all kinds of packing containers for your gift boxes wholesale needs. Our gift boxes are a very popular all-around choice. Need your favored gift bins in smaller quantities? We have them here.

Custom jewelry packaging

Jewelry is a piece of art then why now not it's packaging?

There is nothing like stunning earrings packaging boxes to display precious baubles. Besides increasing appeal, these small however extraordinarily nice bins add a little extra something to a gift. Huiasheng packaging creates excessive quality, customized rings packing containers for Jewelry makers, traders, and retailers. The custom rings containers are the best to existing your product to your client as it helps you to promote your brand as properly as current it in the most presentable way! Custom jewelry packaging is one of the nice things you will see in the market these days. Hence people are getting a greater awareness of the presentable packaging and making it their first priority! Huaisheng jewerlry gift container manufacturing unit can make customized rings gift containers for your jewelry keep that you can just whip out an area the items your clients bought it. Besides retaining delicate portions safe and secure, the bins will act as a valuable memento to receivers for years to come!

Popular objects for customized jewelry packaging

Shop for your gift boxes wholesale, wholesale rings box and packaging by using style. We offer a range of picks in all patterns consisting of ring boxes, earring boxes, and bins for pendants, bracelet, necklaces, or custom logo black paper jewelry watch box with lid.


Bringing your manufacturer into Limelight through the usage of custom printed jewelry gift boxes!

Whether rings are given as a gift or stored at domestic to be worn later, it wishes to be stored inside secure conditions to preserve its beauty. At Huaisheng, we provide standard as well as custom jewelry packaging that can hold them secure from dirt and filth for years. Besides being practical choices, they can be designed in a variety of methods to make them company particular to your store. That way anybody will recognize the place the pieces got here from which can solely mean true information for the business. The rings packaging options you offer to your client extends your brand, via your logo, custom colors and style choices. Jewelry boxes, pouches, gift bags, and other packaging additionally lends sophistication to the product, allowing your consumer to be proud of their purchase. Proper rings packaging affords a “wow factor” when given to its new proprietor as a gift.


Custom Logo Jewelry Boxes for Rings and Blings

For over many decades, Huaisheng paper packaging box company has been producing and distributing a variety of special and extremely good Custom Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Displays, and different Kraft Packaging to its valued customers. We keep on growing and updating packaging designs and concepts to preserve up with the state-of-the-art traits in our customer's predilections and requests. We are the main provider of the gift box packaging in the total industry. At Huaisheng, We provide paper jewelry box, plastic jewelry box in different sizes and designs. Some popular styles including book shaped jewelry box, cardboard jewelry boxes, paper sliding jewelry box, a jewelry box with lid and so on. There are also some normal sizes for the ring box, bracelet box, necklace box or earring box. Each field can be embossed with your organization logo and company colors. We use solely fantastic cardboard for our packing containers so that our customers do now not have the motive to complain, ever!

So if you are looking for the absolute best quality custom made paper rings box packaging to secure your valuable jewelry, Huaisheng can provide you with a massive range that will not disappoint. Choose the ones you need from our internet site or contact us for customized designs and colors. We will take care of your needs.



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