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Environmental protection! A great opportunity for custom paper packaging company!

  • source:huaisheng
  • Time:04/09/2018
On March 14th, Adidas CEO Caspar Rothde said in an interview that in the previous fiscal year they sold more than 1 million pairs of sports shoes made of marine plastic garbage.
It is reported that the shoe upper material of Adidas, which is a pair of environmental protection concept shoes, is made from recycled marine debris and fishing nets collected from illegal poaching ships. These shoes cost an average of 11 plastic bottles per pair, and shoelaces, insoles, heels, and tongues are also made from recycled plastic waste.
However, this eco-friendly concept shoe was only released for mass production until 2016. Adidas and Parley launched UltraBOOSTUncagedParley shoes in November 2016. The knitted upper consists of 95% marine plastic and 5% recycled polyester.
Heard of this news,I think it is a great opportunity for our paper packaging box company.As you know, more and more people and enterprise value environmental protection, many people are willing to give up their own efforts to do environmental protection.So if something new catches their eye, and related with environmental protection, that product will become very popular,like the sport shoes made of marine plastic garbage. At the same time, there will need more and more recycled paper packaging boxes for shoes in return.That is why I say it is great chance for our company.
Usually customized paper packaging boxes for shoes have two basic styles,one is corrugated mailing box, one is rigid cardboard box.Deciding which style to use for packing your shoes depends on your budget and brand positioning.The first one is more cheaper than the second one.See some samples below:

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